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    Garage damp proof course

    Hi, I've just had a garage built by a very well-known and reputable firm in my area but I'm worried about the dpc. From the inside of the garage, the dpc is one block above the floor. From the outside, I've had artificial grass laid (by the same firm) between the garage and the house and this...
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    Wire 2nd security light to run as slave / outdoor cable

    Hi, I have an odd-shaped garden and I want to install 2 LED security lights. Light 1 has a PIR and is the main light. Light 2 does not have a PIR and should be activated by the PIR on light 1. I have L,N, E and switched live (from the PIR) in light 1, and I believe that if I wired light...
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    Thermostat wiring query - seem to have extra wire

    Hi, I can't find any reference anywhere to anyone having the same situation as me so I've started a new topic. I've got a British Gas installed system - BG C1 combi boiler (which I understand from my research is actually a Worcester Bosch SI 28 ) and a BG RS1 thermostat (which I understand...