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    Can’t line Up waste, please help

    I’ve replaced basin in bathroom with a deeper one and find the waste outlet is too high for my fittings. Would it be ok to shorten the threaded part of the click waste by about 2 cm? All the parts are chrome brass so don’t want to change to plastic. Any ideas? Help please.
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    Kitchen tap

    I have to replace my single hole kitchen tap and am thinking whether it would be better to get a single lever tap rather than separate h&c. I understand the mechanism is more complex - does this make them more expensive,unreliable and leak more? Is any make more reliable than the others, eg...
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    Washing machine not starting. (Moved from Information)

    Hi,, I have a bosch WFO2466GB/07 that won't start. At first it would start if I banged it or jogged it, once the light was lit it would wash ok and restart as long as I didn't switch selector to off - then it wouldn't light again. Now it won't come on at all. I have taken the top off and...
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    dehumidifier not working

    I have a Widetec dehumidifier that has stopped collecting water. Fan runs when switched on. Does it need regassing like a fridge, how can I tell?
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    basin waste fitting

    I want to replace waste fitting on bathroom basin as plating has gone. removed U bend but still access is so restricted and difficult. Is there a trick to doing this without removing basin and/or taps?