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    Wireless alarms

    Hi guys What is the best wireless alarm on the market? I always fit hard wired alarms but on this job I can't, I'm not to bothrr Thanks ,
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    Fire alarm courses

    Bit of advice would be much appreciated I'm currently a fully qualified electrician , approved contractor with niceic etc I want to start installing fire alarms conventional and addressable , I have installed many conventional systems but not addressable, done a couple of minor courses...
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    micc cable

    hello all can anybody tell me what amps micc cable can carry clip direct 1.5 2 core 2.5 4 core thanks
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    Change key pad from led to LCD

    Hi all Got a accenta alarm system with desperate key pad which is an led keypad , I have change the keypad to LCD but it powers up ect , recognisers the code but dose not let you set alarm Any help would be great. Cheers
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    user manual

    hi all I have just installed the firesafe dual guard+ 2 wire 4 zone fire alarm system nut have lost the user manual :? any of you guys have one as I cant find on google ect?
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    emergency lighting

    hi all I want to wire 4 x 2d fittings with emergency built in them with 4 x pir sensors so they all come on together when any of the pir,s r detected, and key switch of course many thanks any diagrams or advice would be great
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    any help would be grateful I am turning a house into 4 flats I am going to need 4 x100 amp supplys as I am having electric showers cookers, storage heaters ect the supply company has asked what kva I will need, but im not sure any advice would be fantastic
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    best wireless alarms

    hi all what is the best wireless house alarm on the market or any recommendations?
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    wiring a external bt bell

    hello all, how to wire a bt external 80d bell to a rj45 phone point?
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    bt external bell 80d wiring

    evening all I need to wire a bt external bell to a phone system I no how to connect to a standard bt socket, but I want to connect it to a rj45 phone socket, but don't no what connections are what can anyone help?
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    outdoor flex

    i have a rcd fuse spur in my garage, from the rcd fuse spur swa going to a wiska box at the other end of the garden, i want to put two post lights in the garden about 5 meters from the wiska box, can i flex out of the wiska box with flex or is it not allowed?n there is nothing wired off the...
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    alarm code

    hi all, ive just moved into my new house and there is a complete alarm system in, its only six years old and its got bitish gas on the bell box, keypad ect, the problem i have got is i dont no the alarm code :roll: what can i do to get the code, or is there another solution :?:
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    cd on ccu?

    just asking, went to a school were my dad works as a caretaker, and they had a complete new fuse board installed two weeks ago but its just got mcbs and dose not have any rcds protecting it, why is that?
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    shower cable size

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    cooker cable size

    a free standing cooker 10 _12 kw 16m run about 7m in truking 5m in insulation and 4 m berried in wall 32amp mcb 6mm cable +rcd is that ok
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    17th eddition

    i have a small house and im getting a new kitchen i have upstairs lights 6amp no rcd downstairs lights 6amp no rcd cooker circuit 32amp rcd protected upstairs ringmain 32amp rcd protected down stairs ringmain 32amp rcd protected the electrician said he could exstend downstairs...
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    ac and dc

    any examples :D
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    series and paralell

    just learning is a lighting circuit in paralell ? is a radial socket circuit series? i would be greatful if any more examples thanks
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    just want 2 no is a 32amp rcbo c type ok in a domestic house? on a kitchen ringmain
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    im just leaning. on a tncs earthing system would a rccb trip if i touched the earth and neutral together? at a socket ect.