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    Eledtricians Putty/Sealant?

    A few quick questions for the board, I have been recommended buy a friend in the electrical trade to use electricians putty to assist sealing a JB, which will be located in soil (joining SWA). Is this common practice? Also can the electricians putty be substituted for something similar, such as...
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    [b]Supplementary Bonding[/b]

    Folks, Need some clarification on supplementary bonding, if a dwelling is serviced by a plastic mains water pipe, and plastic water pipe is used throughout the dwelling for the central heating and the hot and cold water feeds, what bonding, if any is required for a bathroom comprising of the...
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    Can I Rewire?

    I want to know if it is possible for me to rewire my own house and on completion either call in a registered electrician to test, inspect and certify or call in my local building control to test, inspect and certify it. I am currently taking my C&G 2330 (halfway through) and I could do with...
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    Running Vertical Cables In Plaster

    Need some advice guys. I need to run a 2.5mm Final Ring Circuit & two 1.5mm Lighting Circuits cables vertically in plaster from the top of a chased out plastered wall to a depth of 10-12mm half way down the wall and then run the cable directly through the wall where it will be connected to a...
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    Monthly Salary For A Domestic Electrician

    I appreciate that this subject can be a little taboo for some but I am trying to ascertain what kind of money self employed domestic electricians are bringing home on a weekly basis. I know this is quite a personal question for some and the answers (if any) will vary depending on workload...
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    Height Of Switches & Sockets

    Can someone advise me about the regs regarding the height of switches and sockets, which are given as 1200mm & 450mm respectively. If when I have my house rewired must the newly installed switches & sockets be positioned at these heights? If it helps with a reply there are currently no...
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    Electric (230v) Wall Chasers

    I am considering purchasing an electric (230v) wall chaser, just wanted to know what everyone's opinion is of them? Are they fit for purpose?
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    C&G 2330

    I am currently attending a local college on a "one-day-release" on a City Guilds 2330, Year One. My intention is to complete this year and move onto Year Two and onto Year Three. My question is this, if I am successful at all stages of the course and walk away with a pass, what realistic...