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    Best concrete for VERY heavy large wooden gates?

    Hi One gate is 6ft, and the other 9ft and boy are they heavy! I've been advised to use a 6x6" post for the smaller and 7x7" for the larger. I have researched how to best sink the posts with ballast etc, but I now need to know about the concrete mix. I've read 'Postcrete' isn't very good for...
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    Gloss painting a previously varnished outside door?

    Hi I'd like to gloss paint my front door, but it has previously had a mahogany coloured stained varnish applied. The varnish is now dull matt, and has no shine at all, so I'm hoping I can gloss paint it? Could anyone advise please? Many thanks
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    Ariston MicroGenus 27 MFFI combi boiler has stopped working

    Hello My Ariston MicroGenus 27 MFFI combi boiler has stopped working, so I have no hot water or heating. The only thing the boiler is doing, is showing all three fault lights (Ignition failure lock out / Fume sensor LED / On Off LED) The pilot light is out and the boiler is silent. The...