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    Whirlpool Dishwasher service manuals here

    As no-one appears to be assisting with fault finding on Whirlpool dishwashers anymore, here is a link I have found to Service Manuals for the dishwashers. Hope it helps you fault find.
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    Whirlpool dishwasher Adg957 fault

    My turn for an Adg957 fault. Machine is 18 years old, no Led display. In the past I've changed the NTC sensor At the moment if I run it on any program, the pump runs and runs and after about 10 mins it starts to beep. The error code on the left most led (rinse) flashes twice a second so...
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    Trying to identify upvc door locking mechanism

    Friend has bought a new house, I went to change the Euro lock but discovered the spring bolt latch doesnt spring anymore, deadbolt works fine. The lock is stamped up as Yale but I cannot find a Yale lock that looks like it (its well over 10 years old). It has no hooks or rollers, it has...
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    Ascari 12kW Electric boiler low pressure

    Just bought a flat which has a Dimplex (now called Powerstream I believe) Ascari 12kW Electric boiler, it is controlled by a Danfoss unit and runs 5 rads and a towel rail as well as a loop to a mains pressure HW tank. As far as I can see, the controller is demanding heat from the boiler, the...