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    Replacing manhole

    The manhole in the garden is no doubt original from the 60's but the concrete lid in a sorry state. The drain just serves our property so it's our responsibility. The hole wall isn't made up of brick but some kind of prefab concrete insert with a lip on the top for the old concrete lid with...
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    Repair dented anaglypta wallpaper

    Hi We are having a bathroom done and we have moved out whilst it's being done. I went after work to have a nosey and the plumber has leant the shower tray against a wall but used something hard thinking he was protecting the wallpaper instead of something like polystyrene to distribute the...
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    Siting new shower

    Thanks. That's what I was thinking, more room to get from under the spray for lathering purposes
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    Siting new shower

    Simple question. Never had a shower enclosure before and i am probably fretting unnecessarily but which wall inside the enclosure is best for showrring comfort when fitting the shower mixer unit in an offset quad enclosure? We have a shower over the bath and due to space we can only fit a 1000...
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    Veritas 8 remote keypad. key problem

    Thanks for the replies I have ordered a keypad. Does the front of the remote panel clip off or is it screwed? Do I need to isolate the mains/batter or remove any fuses? Thanks
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    Chimney noise in bedroom

    During high winds the chimney makes a howling noise in the bedroom. There is no massive draught from the gas fire downstairs or any noise but it's annoying at night as it is right by my head. We have a 60's build chalet bungalow where the chimney is narrow on the 1st floor Could it be the...
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    Broken Sewage Manhole Cover in Garden - Responsibility?

    How would I find out if it is shared?
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    Broken Sewage Manhole Cover in Garden - Responsibility?

    Firstly our house is a 1960's house if that matters. Who's responsible for the mains sewage inspection cover. Me or the water board (united utilities)? I seem to remember my Mother getting hers replaced because it was dangerous. Ours is in our garden but it's totally knackered (metal...
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    Veritas 8 remote keypad. key problem

    One of the number keys on my remote keypad needs pressing to the point of almost pushing my finger through the wall. That's when it works at all. (i now have a code that does not use that button) I assume (like a TV remote) the keypad contacts need a good clean? Can anyone enlighten me on...
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    Gloss on coving - repainting with emulsion?

    Hi. I'm new to the world of DIY decorating The coving in our new house has been painted with white gloss over cream gloss. The white gloss has come off like a skin so what can I use to seal the old cream gloss so I can paint with emulsion. Sanding may damage the coving. Would a coat of...