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    Tiling bathroom advice

    Hi all, I'm currently redoing our bathroom and having completed the flooring I am now in a position to start tiling- the intention being half height splashback (to where the height of the blue paint on membrane is) all around the room. The tiles I'm using are as per the photo, so 125mm square...
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    unvented cylinder advice/future proofing

    Hi all, We currently have a gravity fed system with tanks in the loft and vented cylinder in the airing cupboard. 4 bed house- family of 4. We also have the benefits of 16 solar panels on the roof on the old FITS scheme, which we inherited- therefore I must admit that my understanding of...
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    Connecting up bath taps

    Hi all, I am in the process of redoing my bathroom and a bit of a plumbing novice, it is fair to say, so learning as I go along. We have a gravity fed system so I have removed the old bath, cut the pipes and added 22mm ful bore isolation valves to the existing copper pipes (compression fit)...
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    Best/neatest way to wire CCTV camera

    Hi all, would really appreciate some advice... I've bought a CCTV camera and assumed it would just work off mains power, so was going to create a spur and chase the cable, but it is POE ethernet cable, which connects to an injector (I believe that's what it's called). This then connects to an...
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    help with rubi speed 62 tile cutter

    Hi, I just need a pointer in the right direction with the above tile cutter if possible please? I've just opened up my tile cutter and there are the most basic of instructions that come with it that are pretty much useless. Having scoured the net/youtube it now seems relatively...
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    quick bit of help bleeding central heating system

    Hi, was after some help bleeding my central heating system if possible? Firstly I'm a real ameuter at this kind of stuff so please bear with me (i've read the FAQs above but still a little confused)...I'm presuming I have a vented system as I have a cold water tank in the loft, a boiler in...