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    driving on icy roads

    how do you drive safely up ahill on untreated snow that is compacted? Should you go as slowly as possible in first gear or quickly in 3rd? and also, coming down the same hill? which gear is best? horrendous road conditions and i am not used to driving in snow -already had 2 days off work...
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    worcester 24cdi water pressure

    i think i need to increase my water pressure. It is just under 1 when cold. I have read instructions but for some reason cannot understand them! anyone got simpler instructions for a female please?
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    boiler pressure question

    i have a worcester combi 24cdi boiler - the pressure dial is at 1.5 when urned off, raising to 2 when on. The red dial is at 2. Is his correct?
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    connect dvd to tv

    Help! stupid question probably..don't laugh. Do i have to conect my tv to an aerial if i only want to watch dvd's and not tv programmes :oops: :roll:
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    worcester digistat

    Help! i have killed my digistat. Everything was working fine and then I took the box off the wall as i was decorating - when i put it back the diplay was blank. The bolier works if i press the override button but the digistat re :cry: mains dead. I have replaced the batteries but no display...