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    Rewire of loft conversion

    The very old loft conversion has come to the end of the road and while it's being re roofed, we're going for a hip to gable change, moving the stairs, changing layout, etc. At the moment, the existing upstairs ring circuit has been extended up into the loft. I know it's not best practice...
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    Can anyone identify this?

    I've just removed this from our hallway, prior to replastering, but what it is, remains a mystery. Before I took the lid off, I assumed it was an old doorbell, but it seems a bit over complicated. It's surprisingly heavy and the holes in the base seem to be sealed with something soft, as if...
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    Vaillant vrc700 models

    Hi all. Quick question - what is the difference (if any) between a VRC700/4 and a VRC700/5? Is the /5 just a later version? Thanks, Barry
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    Internal door quality

    I apologise if this has been asked before. I need to replace 11 doors (some fire doors) with oak veneer and all roads seem to lead back to Jeld Wen, Premdor and XL Joinery. Is there anything to choose between them regarding quality? I don't mind spending an extra couple of quid, as this is...
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    Expanding underfloor area

    Hi all. I installed a John Guest single room underfloor kit years ago which heats an extension of about 25 m2. I'm very happy with it and it works beautifully! We are now planning a loft extension of around 16 m2 and underfloor seems to be the most logical way to go to heat this. My...
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    Vaillant Green IQ

    We've been using a Vaillant 831 combi for the last 11 years and I've been very happy with it. Other than a diverter valve and a bit of grit jamming the flow sensor after a water main repair, it's proved nice and reliable. The new house needs a new boiler, so the obvious choice is the Vaillant...
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    Vaillent 831 running cool

    Hi there. I have an 8 year old Vaillent 831 with VRC430 weather compensator, which has been running well up until this cold snap. It's been completely reliable until this summer when the main board went and was replaced. With the sudden drop of temperature this week, it became obvious...
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    Storage heater system control

    I'm Treasurer for a charity run preschool which has it's own building heated with cheap electric panel heaters, fitted by the builders about 4 years ago. It's 2 large rooms, plus small office and kitchen. As you can imagine, the electricity bill is buttock clenchingly high! This is not helped...
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    Encore worktops in Cambridge

    Hi there I'm trying to find someone to fit an Encore Worktop in Cambridge. Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks, Barry
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    Vaillant vrc430, vr81, vr61

    I have just added underfloor heating as a second zone to an ectotec 831 boiler, but I'm having a few problems setting up the controls. Originally, the boiler was controlled by a VRC400 and this worked well. while waiting to finish off the build, the radiators and underfloor heating circuits...