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    Paving and Patio over existing tarmac / concrete slabs?

    Hello, I am looking into doing some of my first paving and patio laying in the next few weeks. I wanted to know if it was ok to lay a new slab path, with gravel edge onto an existing tarmac with inset concrete slabs area. Here is a picture of what I currently have: Thanks in...
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    Balanced Flue in a false chimney?

    Can I install a balanced flue fire into a plasterboard chimney breast or wall?
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    How do I join 2 floors of the same level?

    I have just finished laying a solid oak floor in the dining area of my Kitchen / Diner. I need to find a way to join this new floor to the existing tiled floor in the kitchen area. This threshold also includes the 15mm expansion gap which also needs to be covered. Can anyone help...
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    Solid Oak Floor onto Original Pine Floorboards

    In short - - Do I need to sandwich anything between the two floors? - How do I make the floor look straight if the room isn't square? The Details- I am just about to attempt my first solid oak floor installation. The wood has been delivered, and is acclimatising to the room until...