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    Fluorescent fitting C/W PIR.

    Any idea where I can get a 6ft twin fluorescent fitting with a PIR on? The fitting in question operates by having both lamps on at a dimmed light until somebody approaches, the lamps then come on to full brightness. No wholesaler has been able to help so if anybody has a link to a site...
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    Bank holiday call out.

    At the firm I work for there's 4 of us who cover out of hours call outs so each of us does one week a month. At the minutes we get a stand by fee + double time on all call outs. Now it's fell that my week starts tomorrow (Dec 31st). Although I'll be 'off' on New Years day with pay I'll...
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    Stopping the spam.

    Is there anyway we have have the porn spam blocked? My young son was in the room earlier when I clicked on something about workwear in the plumbing section and came accross a few topless woman pictures! How about having new members unable to post pictures/links until they've posted 10...
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    Mark all topics as read.

    Can we have a 'Mark all topics as read' button at the top of the forum index so we could mark all topics as read in one mouse click rather than going into the individual forums? Cheers, Tim.
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    It's snowing!

    Well, it is on some posts on here! :D
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    A Man suffered 25% burns and a huge electric shock while, police say, he was attempting to steal copper from an electricity substation. The 23-year-old climbed over protective railings into the substation in Mansfield Road, Babworth, near Retford, at around 12pm on Saturday. He suffered a...
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    Bleeding rads

    The rad in my bathroom was struggling to warm up so I bled it, problem solved or so I thought, I now have to bleed it once every day for at least five seconds (before the air stops and water starts). I take it this is not normal? This is the only rad in the house that I'm having this problem...
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    Postcode maps

    Does anybody know where I can get some free print offs of postcode maps? I want to be able to plan my working day in areas I'm not familar with at a glance, I normally try and go to the furthest job away first and work my way back towards home. My jobs are normally all within the same area on...
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    A quick Corgi (not the dog) question.

    Whilst watching 'Rogue Traders' the other week I saw a gas fitter being pulled up as he wasn't Corgi registered (He'd done the exam but had not yet recieved the results, he did pass apparently) but his boss was. How does this work? Do you have to be Corgi registered to work on gas appliances or...
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    A slight mix up?,,30200-1287177,00.html
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    Seperate earth cable?

    If I were to pull in a run of 15M of 4 core (3ph + N) SWA would I need to run a seperate earth or would the armourings suffice? Cheers, Tim.
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    Painting van vault

    I've just bought a second hand van vault off eBay. It's a bit battered but at only twenty six pounds I'm very happy :D Anyway, I want to spruce it up a little with minimal effort so what's the best thing to paint it with? Ideally something that comes in black! It won't be exposed to the...
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    What's wrong with this?

    Can anybody guess what's wrong with the board in this picture? :wink: We found it in a pub cellar last week, all the other boards in the pub were fed from this one :?
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    12 volt lamp holder

    Anybody out there know where I can buy any 12 volt lamp holders off the shelf? I also need a number of the rings/clips that hold the lamp in the fitting. I need to repair a number of fiitings in a pub, as it stands it looks like I'll have to buy a load of cheap down lighters and strip the...
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    Astra G Coupe 60k service.

    What will I need parts wise to carry out a 60k service on my Astra G Coupe 1.8 16V?
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    Boot won't unlock with central locking.

    I have a '03 plate Astra Coupe. I've noticed that the boot/tail gate lock has stopped unlocking with the doors when I press the unlock button on the key. It still unlocks with the key manually, just feels a bit stiff. Is this an easy fault to fix/common problem? Cheers in advance, Tim :D
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    SPLIT: picture of the week II

    I'm came across a light switch made from a 20mm, black plastic conduit end box this week. Never seen anything like it before!
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    Van etiquette

    When starting work for a new firm do you think it's fair to recieve a new van or for you to get a van that's been in the firm a while and the driver of that van (who's been there ages) get the new van?
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    Water coming out the soap tray.

    I've got a Hotpoint WD62, recently when I first start a programme I find that some water/soap is coming out the soap tray and running down the front of the machine. Any ideas anybody?! Cheers, Tim.
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    Battery size.

    Would there be any implications if I replace the 12v 1.2ah battery in my alarm panel with a 12v 7ah battery or will the panel charge it ok?