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  1. Huck69

    Plumbing help sought (disconnecting old fridge freezer)

    I'm trying to disconnect an old fridge freezer which is plumbed in through a 6mm copper pipe, which is connected to a valve...a very old valve. The Valve wont close completely, leaving a drip. I'm trying to find something i can screw in place of the copper pipe to stop the water. Any help would...
  2. Huck69

    Peugeot partner teepee fuel filter

    I have a 2017 peugeot partner tepee. 1.6 diesel. I was trying to change my filters, but got stuck on the diesel filter. There is one electrical connection, and two pipes. Im having trouble trying to disconnect the pipe circled in the image attached. In fact, the clasp on it was quite degraded...