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    Ikea Whirlpool Dishwasher DWF B10 11 Flashes

    Hi there, So I tried the pressure sensor fix from another old thread for the 11 flashes (error code FA). It worked again for 3 cycles but now back to 11 flashes. My sensor was clean anyway, so wasn't 100% it was that. I read somewhere else that as this model doesn't have an optical sensor...
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    Soundproofing noisy joists

    Hi, My property is 1920's Town/terrace era. The walls are solid brick and the joists run through into adjoining properties. This can be seen in my cellar and also heard! Sound from next door both ways is clearer in the cellar along the joists. Im wondering if there is a way to plug or cut...
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    Fitting New Shower - Water pressure issue

    Hi there, Im going to be fitting a new second bathroom. My main concern is that this second bathroom is there for having a second shower available. Both my main shower and this second shower will be in use at the same time and my water pressure wont be good enough running from my combi...
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    Bosch Maxx WFL2000 Washer - Not draining (edited)

    Hi there I have a Bosch wfl2000 washing machine. It has stopped draining but the pump still works. I have removed the pump filter and noticed that each time its trying to drain the impeller is spinning loose of its axel. Any ideas anyone on how to fix or is this just a new pump unit job...