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    Help wanted with kitchen drain waste pipe blocked

    I have a blocked 43mm white PVC waste pipe. I have cleaned the traps underneath the sinks. The internal pipe is about 6m long and has 2 sinks inline along its length. Where it goes out the wall it is all glued together and has a length of about 2m where it then goes into the soil stack. On...
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    Changing the look of the external render

    My house is rendered outside with dark grey chippings. It looks kinda dark and depressing. Would it be ok if I brushed off all the chippings and painted it white? Also I noticed there is a crack running up vertical in part of the render, it is about 1mm wide. Should I use some sort of...
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    Timed TRVs

    Well I did wonder if it was a thing but apparently it is cheapest is £22 Does anyone here use them ? or are you all either just letting the whole house heat up or running around turning all upstairs to frost during the day...
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    Boiler query

    Do you have to drain down the heating system before checking and pumping up the expansion vessel? Mine was 0.5 bar when I checked it which is manufacturer recommendation, so I did not have to do anything just pumped it a tiny bit, to compensate for the loss when I disconnected. I checked mine...
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    Glowworm 30CXi PCB board

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what the little tab which is included in the kit is for? thanks
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    Any Hoover engineers here? w/m HNL 842 module replacement

    I have a Hoover w/m from around 2006, It has a burnt out PCB control module, Looks to me like a track has burnt through the board, no components burnt out. It is a Nextra 6kg HNL 842 The boards for these seem to cover a wide range of models all looking the same. I have looked at hoover...
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    What is this?

    28:15 32:28 - 32:40 33:20 - 33:45 Those horizontal lines every 6 courses he has made and he put some metal into one of them?
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    Indesit IWC71452eco UK - not washing-flashing lights

    Hi, Any trade in the UK here? I wonder how I can get trained in washing machine repair? Anyway, This is about 2 and half years old, cost £190 when new. Indesit IWC71452eco UK model. It has been lightly used since new never overloaded. It worked fine up to Monday then yesterday...
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    TRV query - Danfoss

    My Danfoss TRV have a very thin pin, I unscrew the bottom of the main white plastic cover and the white cover pulls off to reveal the brass head with pin. The pin goes into a circular grey plastic fitting which itself can be turned by about 90 - 180 degrees (I forget) below this is the brass...
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    Glow worm 30CXi pressure problem

    I have been bleeding the upstairs rads too much, first of all with the bleed valve open nothing came out until the CH was switched on, then some air and water came out. But it had to be done again the next day. someone else said there is a leak (possibly pressure relief valve), well there...
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    Brick arch and modern lintel need repair

    I vaguely remember that this forum ( is linked to usenet (newsgroups) is this true? Is this a standalone internet forum or do posts/replies appear in/come from usenet? Onto my question, I'm looking at a house to buy, and it has UPVC french doors onto a patio above the doors...
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    gable end

    I live in an end terrace, my gable end is constructed just 2 bricks thick about 8 inches. recently we had the exterior rendering re done, they used a kango hammer chisel type thing to get the old stuff off, they took with it a good portion of the outer brick face too. There is no movement...