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    Small crack in Porcelain Floor tile

    Hi, I have noticed a crack in a floor tile. It doesn't look like its from something hitting it. Not sure what caused it but was hoping someone can advise me on how to repair it. Its about 45mm long and I have attached three pics from various distances. Cheers
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    Union mortice latch for rebated door

    I have a pair of oak doors both rebated. and the latch set is a Union rebated mortice latch. I know its going to be tricky especially with leaving a thin wall on the catch plate side but I am stumped as to how I drill the 25mm (approx) hole for the latch seeing as the centre line is bang on the...
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    JG Push fit stop end cracked

    JG guaranteed for fifty years this fitting had been in just 50 weeks took days to find the leak
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    10mm plastic to Euro Rad Valve

    Hi all, I am trying to order a combined rad valve with 50m pipe centres. The Milano web site offers odd sizes such as 14mm and 12 mm but not 10mm. Am I missing something? I just need to order a euro valve that will connect to 10mm plastic.
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    Expanded foam fill void

    Economics aside would it be allowed to Fill the void under floorboards with expanded foam and so make the air bricks redundant?
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    New Stud work - Angled Internal Wall

    I am creating a new space with CLS stud. I want to create an angle between two walls. I can cut the sole plate and the top plate so they but up to each other but I am not sure how I get the vertical studs to join or if I even need to join them. Could I just project the plaster board past the...
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    Having Trouble Posting

    I am trying to create a thread in the plumbing forum but get a message saying unable to creat thread. Tried from two PCs Thought I would post here to see if its across the site
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    Aluminium and steel radiators on the same system

    Is it a bad practice to mix aluminium and steel radiators? Is there a special inhibitor required if they are to be mixed?
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    Joule Horizontal

    Had a Joule horizontal cylinder fitted recently and when the hot tap is turned on there is a short period where the pressure is very high. This drops off to what I consider normal after about ten seconds. I have noted in Megaflow threads reference to bubble regeneration to solve the same...
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    downlighters LED - wiring in flex

    My electrical guy says 0.75mm flex can be used to string a set of downlighters together. To be specific, string the led drivers together rather than directly to the hot LED housing. Is this wrong?
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    "Part M" compliant aco drain slim with good looks

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend an ACO drain for a threshold that isn't too wide, looks good, has a metal cover and complies with part M?
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    hearthstone on timber joists

    Is it ok to lay a slate hearthstone directly on to the floor joists? The wood burner is approved for lower temperature below grate. Was thinking of just making the joists level and then sitting the slab on that without any mortar or adhesive? The joists would be 100 x 50 section and about...
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    Bungalow Re-Wire - Chase up to loft or up from suspended floor void?

    Is there a preferred approach to routing twin and earth for ring circuits in a bungalow with suspended floors? If I come from the top I would have to do a fair bit of chasing down to some sockets. I have pulled down the old ceilings so currently no insulation or cramped spaces to tackle in the...
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    Powerpanel H2O

    Anyone know where I can get Firmacell power panel h20? Travis Perkins do the Firmacell Gypsum but I don’t think it’s the same product?
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    Supporting chimney in bungalow

    I have a 1960 bungalow with a brick built chimney There was never a real fire installed just a few bricks removed for a gas fire flu I want to open it up for a burner. There is no gather behind the opening but a second course of bricks in front of the rear wall. This second course holds up...
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    Is a 25m coil actualy 25m

    I have just measured up to lay a new MDPE 32mm main supply. I have calculated I need 24.5M of pipe. Tool station supply 25M or 50M coils. I had a look at other suppliers and it seems 25 or 50 for 32mm pipe is standard The qustion is; will a 25M coil be at least 25M or do I buy 50M, not...
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    Underfloor insulation dealing with air bricks

    hi, I am insulating under a suspended wooden ground floor. The air bricks are laid on the DPC with a brick sized vent opposite the air brick on the internal wall. The bottom of the joists are also at the same level, sitting on the DPC. So if I Insulate between joists with mineral wool the...