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    Small crack in Porcelain Floor tile

    Hi, I have noticed a crack in a floor tile. It doesn't look like its from something hitting it. Not sure what caused it but was hoping someone can advise me on how to repair it. Its about 45mm long and I have attached three pics from various distances. Cheers
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    Plaster shortage

    Jewsons, Wicks, Selco Travis et al are “looking after“ regulars. So even if a place has a delivery I can’t get any. I wonder How many of these regulars are the ones selling on EBay and Facebook at scalped prices? BG are posting updates now saying production is higher than Pre-lockdown. So where...
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    Union mortice latch for rebated door

    It’s done now. I clamped a scrap price of oak to the rebate to make it flush for drilling then discarded the scrap piece.
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    Union mortice latch for rebated door

    That’s the one. I have it but I can’t work out how to drill the door for the tube.
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    Union mortice latch for rebated door

    I have a pair of oak doors both rebated. and the latch set is a Union rebated mortice latch. I know its going to be tricky especially with leaving a thin wall on the catch plate side but I am stumped as to how I drill the 25mm (approx) hole for the latch seeing as the centre line is bang on the...
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    JG Push fit stop end cracked

    Well I have a load of Shyte behind a Pre-wall in my bathroom. :( I followed SkillBuilder from YouTube.
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    JG Push fit stop end cracked

    I worked with a heating engineer replacing my daughters CH. He used push fit on the ground floor buried in the screed. Then for upstairs it was soldered copper. in my own home I am virtually all push fit on copper for my CH and plastic for the bathroom.
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    JG Push fit stop end cracked

    JG guaranteed for fifty years this fitting had been in just 50 weeks took days to find the leak
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    10mm plastic to Euro Rad Valve

    I intend using a valve with TRV and lock shield in the same body. The TRV adjustment is horizontal. The inlets are 50mm centres. I’ve used some left over 10mm pipe from our kitchen underfloor heating. Push fittings work but standard PEX pipe inserts are too small and I’m concerned that the...
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    10mm plastic to Euro Rad Valve

    yeah its this one
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    10mm plastic to Euro Rad Valve

    Another question is can I use a brass reducer 15mm - 10mm with plastic pipe?
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    10mm plastic to Euro Rad Valve

    Hi all, I am trying to order a combined rad valve with 50m pipe centres. The Milano web site offers odd sizes such as 14mm and 12 mm but not 10mm. Am I missing something? I just need to order a euro valve that will connect to 10mm plastic.
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    Expanded foam fill void

    Economics aside would it be allowed to Fill the void under floorboards with expanded foam and so make the air bricks redundant?
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    Geberit Toilet Frame - Slotted Channel

    Unistrut won’t work with Geberit DuoFix. DuoFix has its own rail system, cost twice as much as Unistrut.
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    New Stud work - Angled Internal Wall

    I am creating a new space with CLS stud. I want to create an angle between two walls. I can cut the sole plate and the top plate so they but up to each other but I am not sure how I get the vertical studs to join or if I even need to join them. Could I just project the plaster board past the...
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    Having Trouble Posting

    I am trying to create a thread in the plumbing forum but get a message saying unable to creat thread. Tried from two PCs Thought I would post here to see if its across the site
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    Which is flow and return ?

    I understand you can see or feel the baffle on a vertical radiator from the inlet point of the vertical radiator
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    Replace thermostat with wireless

    When you say wirless thermostat do you mean the sort that also does the programm job like Hive, do you have a receiver and a thermostat?
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    Aluminium and steel radiators on the same system

    Is it a bad practice to mix aluminium and steel radiators? Is there a special inhibitor required if they are to be mixed?