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    Heating won't turn off

    Hi - woke up today to a house at 26 degrees. Thermostat not clicking when turned up and down. Set heating and hot water both to off on the panel under the boiler, and went and bought a replacement thermostat from B&Q. However when I got home the house was still boiling even though I had turned...
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    Laying solid wood around stairs

    Hi, any advice on this would be really appreciated. Laying solid wood flooring in the hallway where the stairs lead up. Stairs have a curve to the edges, so wont be able to continue the beading around them, so do I need to cut under the stairs and continue the floor underneath? If so, is there...
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    Dip in chipboard subfloor - Laying Oak T&G On Top

    I have read some of the other threads re: screeds/leveling compounds, etc. However, covering the floor (big room) in ply followed by the self leveling compounds seems pretty epic, and I want to check if it's nessesary. So in the room I am laying, there is a portion where the chip board has...
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    Underlay - Sub floor chip board except around fire place

    OK I'm on to my third room - the biggy. Laying solid oak T&G. I have been using standard foam underlay as recomended by 'Wood You Like'. However, pulled up carpet in the lounge and around the fire place is a foot of concrete (rest of room is chip board like the other rooms). Do I just...
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    Doorway Dividers Between Oak Floored Rooms

    What are the options for door dividers (sorry not sure what the correct word is for them) between two rooms both with solid oak flooring. I've seen the laminate wood effect ones in homebase, is there a wood alternative? Thanks for all help.
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    Expansion Gap On The Tongue Side

    I'm sure I'm being thick here, but, just about to lay my floor (solid oak tongue and groove). Instructions say leave expansion gap of 12mm to 14mm. If I leave 12 mm between the tongue and the skirting, then the quarant/beading doesn't quite reach the board surface leaving a bit of a gap. I...
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    Underlay between chip board and solid oak flooring

    Hi, I'm sure this has been asked a million times - I have had a scan though. So apologies in advance. I'm laying solid oak boards on top of a chip board floor. I've bought the silver lined foam underlay with vapour barrier (see homebase link below), but I have a nagging doubt that I've bought...