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    Some advice needed please

    Hi all, got a problem as usual.. installed a firebird enviromax combi 6 months ago been running fine customer happy as larry - till today. Got black smoke coming from the boiler she say's oh dear say's me. I asked if she'd had a delivery recently yes last week. I checked the tank for the usual...
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    WB heatslave 18/25 oil

    Hi all - I have the misfortune of having to work on this boiler this week, it has some "issues" which I hope someone will be able to shed some light on. No.1 Circulating pump runs 24/7 regardless of wether there's call for heat or DHW it just runs constantly ? MI say's it should shut down I even...
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    Clear-view multi fuel stove/boiler

    Have been asked to pipe up a multi fuel boiler for someone - I have very limited/no experience of these things and the customer already has the flue connected. It's rated at 27000 btu and has two flow's and two return inlets and outlets at the back of it, as this is going to be connected to a...
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    Very old TSO boiler - help needed

    Hi, got a customer with an old TSO boiler(20-25), it has a selectos D42 burner and is in need of replacement, however as budgets are tight I suggested that instead of replacing the whole thing maybe a replacement burner would be a cheaper short term option. I read on here from one of you more...
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    Boulter 95/135 classic oil boiler - What am I missing?

    Hi have just serviced an old oil fired boulter classic 95/135 which has been out of use for some time - everything is up and running ok fires up etc etc but on replacing the front cover casing the boiler within a minute or so the flame fails, trys to relight and then lockout runs perfect without...