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    Installing a wood burning stove

    Hello again, This forum has been an invaluable source of information for me. Again I was hoping that someone would be able to offer their advice here. I want to install a wood burning stove. Since we’ve lived in the house we had the fire insert blocked up with logs and an electric fire sat in...
  2. J

    Decked area over a step

    Hello all. I would love to have a simple decked area at the back of my house. We want to have it right at the screen door so you can walk straight out on to the deck. Any of the diy tutorials I’ve seen online shows how to build a decking over soil or a soft ground surface. How does it differ...
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    Can’t separate hot water and central heating

    Hello all, I’ve a had a search through these forums and haven’t found the answer to this, but if it has been discussed before just point me in the right direction! We live in a house which is around 14 years old. It’s fairly modern in most respects but I’m not sure how the plumbing has been set...