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    Building decking

    So building some decking off the back of my conservatory and wanna run the design by you more experienced guys and ask leg and support intervals... - 4.5m wide x 2.85m projection - Slight slope so raised about 5cm off the ground one end and about 20cm the other end. - One end is gonna be a...
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    insulating single skin dwarf wall

    It has 3 outside single skin dwarf walls. Outside is a waterproof breather and pvc cladding. Inside though, one wall is too close to the house door to offer any battens greater than 25mm.... is no air gap gonna be catastrophic if I use 25mm insulation? Or should I just vapour barrier and clad...
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    Through bolt anchor not grabbing

    Used a 16mm drill piece in to brickwork. All that happens is the whole anchor pulls back out instead of just the tapered but in to the side. Instructions say 16mm hole. What do you reckon try a 15mm hole or am I missing a trick?
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    Bolts for header/ledger

    Attaching a 4.8m 6x2 to the house wall. Was gonna use 400mm spacings to coincide with the joists. But what anchor bolts should I use and what size please? Is m12 sufficient or do I need to go bigger? Looking at these...
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    Question about Noggins and ledger

    Hi guys Looking for some advice on the following please. For context, it's a 7 degree timber lean to roof on conservatory. 6x2 wall plate and 6x2 joists spanning 3.06m. Wall end using a ledge plate and joist hangers. Conservatory end bird mouthing on top of a 3x2 ring beam and 90degree angle...
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    bolts and length advice for lean to

    Using 6x2x 4.7m wall plate with joist hangers to carry 13 6x2 joists on a 9 degree slope. Landing on a 3x2 ring beam on top of conservatory. What bolts is recommended... i understand on to brick it needs bolting every 400mm.. does that sound about right? I'm assuming coach bolts... How deep in...
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    What size header for roof

    Just wondering what size header I should be using and what bolts and spacings for installing it. The roof will be approx 10degrees spanning 3.1m and a width of 4.7m. The 4.7m header will be attached to a brick house wall and will be using 6x2 @ 400mm spacing attached to the header with hangers...
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    Mortar gap

    So for context, conservstory being built on 52cm dwarf wall using concrete blocks laid flat. So building the wall and measured exactly where I need the gap for the French door to fit in. Problem is the blocks end short of this by 6.5cm. So too small really to be chopping blocks, especially with...
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    Screw length and mounting method for conservatory

    Novice Questions I guess but I'm reading a lot of different answers... But conservatory panels being mounted to concrete block dwarf wall. 1- what size concrete screw would you use to mount the first window to the wall? 2- do I mount the sill to the wall securely then mount the window to the...
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    dpm as dpc or is that different?

    So the project is a single cavity conservatory with concrete blocks (laid flat). I've got my footings in, then two layers of solid concrete blocks to match floor level 30cm up. Floor is down with dpm and insulation so all is level. The dpm overlaps the concrete blocks now. I'm ready to build...
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    upvc jointing strip trims

    I can't seem to find them anywhere!! Does anybody know where will sell the trim for upvc window couplings. My panels have these metal ones to slot them together but need the clip on trim to hide it if anybody has any ideas.
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    Can I lay floor in sections?

    Building a conservatory, overall size approx 4.6x3.1. Footings and foundation blocks to floor level are down. Need to lay the floor now. Floor area approx 4.3x2.8m. Gonna lay at approx 130mm deep. Is it acceptable to lay the floor in two sections due to time constraints? Or would this not be...
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    Colour and texture of new footings

    Is this normal? The colour, looks wet and shiny in areas and looks light and normal in others. It isn't very abrasive resistant, in that I can scratch the surface with my finger nail. Finishing the fill 60 hours ago. I can though walk on it without leaving any kind of imprint etc. The mix was...
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    Time scales between footings, foundation blocks and floor

    Footings was finished laying about 4pm yesterday (wed)... practically how long should I wait before laying foundation blocks and infilling the floor as I'm reading a lot saying wait min 2 weeks... but then I'm sure when builders do conservstory bases it doesn't take them several weeks start to...
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    Anybody know what this likely is? porcelain pipe

    Come across it as I was digging the last area of my conservatory footings. Inside is dry and doesn't seem to have any water flow or signs of waste passing through. I did think its a soak away of some sort because of the roof guttering and where it comes down to ground as shown in photos but I...
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    uPVC window sizes

    I'm having dramas with a builder who was supposed to have a window to patio door cut and 4 upstairs upvc windows fitted before I got back from being away with work well over a month ago. Still waiting on him so looking at fitting the windows myself and finding a new builder for the cut...
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    Foundation depths on conservstory with timber stud dwarf wall

    How deep do you guys suggest for a concrete base so site a conservatory that is sitting on stud dwarf wall? For both the floor and also for the outside foundation as I'm building up with foundation blocks to create a retaining wall first then building up the inner floor. It's on a...
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    Bathroom cabinet

    Hi I wasn't sure which was the best category so here goes... We want to install a cabinet on our bathroom wall. The wall doesn't seem to be brick behind it so think its a partition with drywall between te bathroom and bedroom. I'm not sure of the best way to secure it. In the past I...
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    Installing slatwall on drywall

    I'm think about installing it myself but wondered whether others thought it could be done by a non-professional? Ceiling height is approx 2.5m This is how I imagine it would be done: - use a stud detector to locate and mark where the studs are. - install a batten over the dry wall...
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    what material used to cover wall like an art gallery?

    I want to use a material of some sort to cover an artificial wall and make it look nice & cosy like done in some art gallerys. I cannot find anywhere for this type of application - any advise would be greatly appreciated..?