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    Heating system not working since partial drain to add inhibitor (and refilled)

    I have a pumped, gas heating system that was installed c1989 in a domestic, two-storey home. The boiler is a Potterton Netaheat Electronic. The pump is a Grundfos Selectric, marked "Type UPS 15-50 130". P/No.59525600. There is a cistern ('expansion tank') for the heating system in the attic. In...
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    Netaheat 16/22 Potterton boiler problem & pump overrun?

    I have two issues which I think are quite separate: 1. I have a Netaheat 16/22 Potterton boiler which is heating the system but has a firing-up anomaly. When the system requires the boiler to start / fire-up the following happens; (i) the boiler fan comes on OK (ii) in one click the...
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    Central Heating Failed

    Well I'm not too cold yet but the house is defiant cooling down!!! I have a fairly conventional gas fired boiler (1989) pumped from upstairs with a diverter valve for central heating / hot water, and a mains-pressure sealed hot water tank. The heating was working fine until this afternoon...