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    Kitchen reconfiguration difference unit heights

    Hi All I’m having a new extension build and was hoping to reuse my existing kitchen which is only three years only and instead of being a u shaped kitchen would now be reconfigured into a straight linear kitchen with the ladder units at one side in a block. problem is I have just realised...
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    Breeze block garden room on sectional garage base

    Hi All, Was wondering what people’s thoughts were about replacing a concrete sectional garage with a rendered, insulated breeze block garden room with a flat ply EPDM roof and a 3m bifold door. Main concern is whether the existing 200mm base will be man enough to take the new structure. I’m...
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    Pyronix sterling 10 external sounding issues

    Hi joel here new to forum so hi all! Was wondering if any of you good people could help me diagnose the fault with my alarm. It is fully functional in every way other then the external sounder only sounds for around 5 seconds then goes off? The strobe light and internal continues to function...