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    Plastering partially plastered wall

    I have recently had some work done to the house but a few jobs still need doing, which I thought I would try myself. So I have got a wall which was previously obscured by a stud wall, now that has been removed there is an internal wall which is just breezeblocks on show. About 50% of the wall...
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    Filling medium hole in an internal breezeblock wall

    I recently had some building work done, but some odd bits were not done as we didn't know they would exist when we were carrying out the work. Now the problem is when we removed a fireplace/boiler there was a hole about 10x15 inches which housed a little wooden doorway to access the boilers...
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    Radiators not working, but upstairs towel rail is?

    Hello, First of all I have 0% experience with anything plumbing or radiator related, never even bled one, so be gentle with me :) We've just bought my first house (yay!) and we moved in yesterday, although we have noticed that none of the radiators seem to be working... The central heating...