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    Paid breaks

    Hi, I have had builders in doing various jobs for me, they start at 8.30, finish at 4.30 take a couple of 15 min breaks and around half hour for lunch. Now the bill has come in and they are charging for 8 hours a day and I would have expected the breaks to not be billable. Is it usual practice...
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    Tiny flat roof pooling - acceptable?

    Hi, We had a tiny flat roof replaced, it was in a sorry state before and needed the timbers underneath replaced too. I was having other work done at the time and got the guys doing that to also do the roof. So they have done the work but they have left a raised lip that results in the water...
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    Bay windows issues, cost?

    Hi all, I'm after an approx cost of some work that was brought up in the survey on house I'm in the process of buying. One of the things picked up was that the bay window has fallen forward slightly (75mm top), which has also resulted in some gaps around the windows. He's suggested fitting...