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    Gravity Hot Water circulation

    Hi I have an old Gravity based open vent hot water system. Boiler on ground level. Boiler fires but hot water does not reach indirect cylinder upstairs. have tried flushing system few times but no joy. is there any tricks to help the initial flow of hot water? Thanks
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    Central Heating OK, Hot Water Circuit Cold

    Hi Trying to fix an issue found after hot summer break (for the boiler...) Glow-Worm Back Boiler - Central-Heating side (pumped) works perfect. Hot-Water Circuit (gravity) stays cold. Boiler is on ground floor, indirect cylinder on first floor and F&E Tank in the attic. Usual flush/refill...
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    screed insulation base not flat

    Hi new build, 6x5m concrete slab layed over 10 months ago. Since then its has somewhat erroded surface with stones showing up all over the place. Some above 5mm. I'm now getting ready to screed this floor with 25mm rigid insulation on the slab followed by 75mm traditional screed ontop...
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    insulated upstand

    Hi All Rear extention, EPDM Roof - concentrating on the side that abuts the original house. Question is, should the EPDM upstand against the house walll be insulated? I see it in recomendations and Roofing books but if the house wall (1938) iteself is 75mm cavity wall and cavity is not...
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    strapping down flat roof

    Hi all, quick question... warm deck flat roof being installed, approx 6mx6m. Just relaised I've forgot to install roof straps along the side walls (at 1m) where joists run parallel to the side walls. These straps should have attached above 3 x joists and over noggings and the other end built...
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    Joist notching into Steal Column

    Hi all, quick roofing/decking question... 6m flat roof devided in the middle by UC Steel colum, 3m josts either side. 6m wide. UC is 152x152x30 and joists are 47x150mm approx. After joists notched in to steel beam there is few mm gap at the top edge of each joist and steel. Is there an official...
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    Full-Fill Cavity wall and ventilation brick

    Hi quick question... 100mm block cavity walls near completion to roof height. Cavity is full fill mineral wool Dritherm32. Roof will be Warm deck Flat. Will there be need for ventilation bricks near the top of walls? (I do not have any built in at the moment) I keep seeing condensation from...
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    Warmdeck Roof Insulation - Layering

    I remeber reading somewhere that, although polyisocyanurate PIR insulation look good on specs but performs poorly in low temperatures. If laying 150mm warmdeck roof, is it better to layer it as follows: (1) Layer1 - 50mm PIR (warm side) (2) Layer2 - 50mm XPS/EPS Polystyrene (to prevent...
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    Laying Flat Roof Decking

    Hi all, Nearly ready to install approx 6x6m timber deck roof (warm-deck), divided in the middle by an RSJ to keep joists shorter and costeffective. Deck will be 18mm OSB3 T&G. Firring on top of joists to create fall. I plan to raise the inner skin side walls to...
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    Fastening down 150mm flat roof

    Hi all, Im nearly ready to lay down 6x6m warm-deck flat roof single story with 150mm insulation sanwiched between 18mm OSB3 T&G sheets. EPDM on top. Having read about wind uplifts and need to secure things down, can I ask for some advice on fastening down 150mm/OSB sandwich please. Is it...