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    Which TRV?

    I am just about to redecorate our Hall and need to remove the radiator. I thought as I need to drain the whole system, the radiator cannot be isolated on it's own, that I would fit a second locking valve and TRVs the the other 6 radiators in the house (hall has thermostat). Our boiler is old...
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    New Laminate floor and Skirting

    I am about to lay a real wood laminate floor and also replacing the skirting board. Is it ok to have the skirting on top of the board and have the expansion gap under the board or is this asking for trouble? Also with the weather being hot should I make the expansion slightly less or is it...
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    Crack in Garage Floor

    We have a detached garage (concrete walls and tiled pitched roof about 5m x 3m) at the bottom of our garden and the concrete slab that it sits on has a large crack running from front to back ending in a smaller T crack towards the back. Crack at front (click image to enlarge) Crack...
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    Bracket Identification

    I have just had a new fire insert and marble back panel fitted. We have an art Deco mantle and the fitter gave us two brackets that go on the inside of the legs and allow the mantle to slide on to them from above. However, I think we need to get some more and I don't know where to get them. I...
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    Tripping Circuit Breaker

    I have just replaced a transformer for a flexi track light with 12V halogens. The old transformer was rated at 150W and I was using 5 x 20W lamps. I fried this by changing the lamps to 50W. I have got a replacement but this is a 200W transformer and I have it loaded with 2 x 50W and 3 x 20W...
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    Mounting Hanging basket

    I am about to put up an exterior hanging basket and was wondering if I should put the screws in the morter or drill into the brick? and comments appreciated. Meblin
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    Looking for a switch

    At present I am just finishing off our kitchen an we have put the bevelled edge satin chrome light switches and sockets in the kitchen. My wife likes things to match so we have, changed all door handles, carpet rails and I'm sure I'll be changing the hinges too before long :D. But she wants to...
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    Fireplace Backboard

    I have bought an Art Deco surround and have found some suitable heat resistant tiles to use to make a backing and hearth. however, I need to locate a suitable incombustible fibre board and special fire or heat resistant adhesive. Does anyone know where I can purchase these items from or what...
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    Strange Valve

    I am in the process of removing a radiator to enable me to paint behind it and give it a paint too. I have shut the on off vale off but when I look at the valve at the other end it looks like a normal nut It is completely turned clockwise and I am assuming that it is an end cap. Will I need...