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  1. Scubatt

    fixing sole plate to blockwork

    Hi I'm building and extension using Sips and need to get the blockwork in. However I'm having trouble sourcing the 215x215x440 7n blocks and BC want to see the sole plate shot fired. Any ideas? 7n seems a big ask for a single storey extension but if I need to keep to 7n can I lay 100x215s on...
  2. Scubatt

    Self Build Single Storey Extension

    Well here goes... Planning passed and now awaiting building control approval. It's a large extension and I wanted to include a room over the garage at a later date so at least I have planning for it now. Building control approval is only being signed off for the rear ground floor now though.
  3. Scubatt

    Nail type for roof truss wooden gusset and screw type query.

    I'm building a small porch and have calculated the timbers required so that I can build roof trusses for the 2.1m span. I've overkilled on the size of the wooden gussetts but I'm just not too sure what type of nail to use and how many! A very simple basic question but I don't want to weaken the...
  4. Scubatt

    roof void query

    I'm building a porch with a pitched roof and canopy extending 900mm out over the front door. I'll be putting 100mm fg on ceiling and into soffit at side still allowing for efficient venting. I'm facing the gable end with wood and was ust a bit concerned about whether to put any kind of timber in...
  5. Scubatt

    Brick Colum details needed please!

    I am building a porch extension enclosing two walls at the front of my house. These two walls will provide anchoring for 3 corners of the roof. A pillar will effectively provide support for the 4th. I would appreciate some feedback to my questions to help my decision making. 1) How can I...