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    Day Rate

    You're right there mate. I've spent a bit of money training for the renewables revelution, having been told by someone in the know (who just happens to be a rep for a renewables company) that "it's all gonna kick off big style next year once the government tariffs kick in", and that I need to...
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    British Gas Service Contract

    Just about to do the online test for the BG Service/Repair contract which is advertised on the Rigg Energy website. Was told by the Rigg employee I spoke to that the subcontractors make between £600-1000 a week. Have my suspicions, though, since it seems to be permanently advertised which leads...
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    Gas-elec group franchise.

    Cheers, GasGuru, that was all I needed to hear. Thanks again.
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    Gas-elec group franchise.

    Saw an advert in Installer magazine for gas/elec safety certificate engineer franchise with Gas-elec Group. All looks very good, as these things always do, estimated income of 50+k etc. Anyone actually taken the plunge or know anyone who has? How much is the initial investment? As a gas engineer...
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    Remeha or Viessmann?

    Just pricing up for a central heating on a new build. 4 bedrooms, family bathroom, en suite wet room, downstairs cloakroom, underfloor heating downstairs, rads upstairs. Fitting a 210 litre unvented cylinder. As for boiler choices, I'm drawn mostly to a Remeha Avanta system boiler or a...
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    Heating controller for the blind.

    Looking for a programmer for a customer who is registered blind. She told me they are available as she's seen one (!), but I can't find any. Any ideas?
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    Remeha warranty

    Thanks, ta!
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    Remeha warranty

    Doing a quote for a customer for a new combi. Fitted a couple of Ideal Logic+'s as I like the 5 year warranty, however, not at all impressed by the DHW performance. Thinking of recommending a Remeha Avanta 28c, heard lots of good things about them and they're cheaper than a Potterton Heatmax! On...
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    Air lock?

    Changed a 3 port valve on a Y Plan 2 days ago. Since then the boiler locks out after a couple of minutes when the central heating on. Checked the pump and it is running. Bled it as well but still no change. In CH/DHW mode the boiler doesn't lock out, although only the upstairs rads get hot...
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    Flexi pipe for solar panels

    Cheers. I think it's more of an issue with getting the panels signed off on the original drawings, or something, rather than having to apply for planning permission, since it's a new build. anyway, the crux of the matter seems to be he can't have them fitted as long as the internal roof space is...
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    Flexi pipe for solar panels

    Cheers for the advice. Another issue is he's having a twin coil cylinder fitted even though he doesn't know when he'll be having the panels fitted (think he's got some issue with planning, which is why he isn't getting them fitted now), so obviously the cylinder isn't going to work to full...
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    Flexi pipe for solar panels

    Only problem with that is that the roof will be boarded internally so won't be able to get to the pipes.
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    Flexi pipe for solar panels

    I'm working on a new build house at the moment, carrying out all the plumbing and heating work. The customer wants to fit solar panels after the rest of the house is done, and wants me to "put the pipework in place" in the roof before the internal roof space is boarded (the roof space will be 2...
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    Viessmann Vitodens 100 system boiler

    Thinking about fitting a Vitodens 100 system boiler in a refurb farmhouse. The Viessmann system boilers are 4 pipe, I believe, so flow and return to rads/underfloor heating manifold and flow and return to unvented (Tribune) cylinder, with the 2 port valve on the cylinder wired only to the high...
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    Bent radiator

    Anybody know of any sompanies in South Yorkshire who will bend a radiator to fit into a 1930's bay window, or failing that fabricate one?
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    Unvented discharge into well?

    Pricing a job in a cottage renovation, customer wants boiler and unvented cylinder fitted in cellar. Told him this wouldn't be possible as there would be nowhere for the discharge. He then told me that someone else had been and said he could pipe the discharges into the 20 foot well he had in...
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    Boiler Scrappage Scheme. *******s.

    Actually, just scrolled down to the "Boiler Scrappage Scheme, don't get excited" link below and discovered that any Gas Safe Registered installer can fit them, so rant over......suppose it always pays to check the facts first.
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    Boiler Scrappage Scheme. *******s.

    Heard yesterday that the Governments Boiler Scrappage Scheme came into being yesterday. Hurrah! (Although I wasn't aware of any date being set by A. Darling). Also heard that to qualify for this scheme you had to have British Gas fit the boiler. Boo!! So that means the customer can get 400...