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    fencing info please

    My own experience tells me that trying to use the existing posts means they will not be in the correct place. I even used a measured batten to mark out and check out and they still ended up too far or to close and the panels did not fit correctly :( . I Wasted to much time trying to save time...
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    A Kilo of Nails

    If your hardware shop is as good as the one in my town you could phone them and ask how many nails in a kilo, I gaurentee they would phone me back with the answer.
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    Fence advice please!

    I have fenced around the whole house last year, Murphys law states that the old post with the block of concrete will always be where the new post needs to go, and they are a hell of a job to remove. I used Metposts at my previous house and would never use them again, they just don't hold the...
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    Where can I buy Stainless steel nuts and bolts?

    Most ships chandlers supply stainless steel fixings, not sure if it's what you are looking for.
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    Wickes Fast Fix 15 Laminate Floor in Three Shades of Oak

    If you have a dog don't lay laminate flooring. Laid it downstairs and the click, click click of the dogs claws on the floor drives us mad. Thinking of sawing off the dogs legs but the wife won't allow it.
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    loose tap

    Thanks for the confirmation keyplayer, i suspected that may have been the answer, just looking for a quick fix and hoped it wasn't. I am going to try to fashion a tool from a old socket brazed onto a bit of pipe as i think it may fit, just incase it works loose again. Is it recommended to bed...
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    loose tap

    I have fitted a monobloc tap to a ceramic sink before fitting it into the worktop, the tap body has now worked loose due to the sideways movement of the spout when moving it from bowl to bowl. it is impossible to fit a tool onto the nut and turn it due to the hot and cold pipe and the edge of...