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    diy epdm roofing

    Hi guys looking for any tips youve got on doing an epdm flat roof :? We have a 12m square flat roof / balcony and it was built ventilated with no insulation, ive finally had enough of the enormous heating bills so im becoming a roofer for a week this summer :roll: The Plan is to lift the...
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    perspex / polycarbonate glazing

    looks arent an issue as ive got lots of upvc trim kicking around so il silicone it in place and then trim the edges so you cant see the bond. Scratches aren't a major issue we live in a 3 storey town house and both ends of the house on all 3 floors are floor to ceiling upvc and windows so they...
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    perspex / polycarbonate glazing

    Hi all im after some knowledge from those in the know! I rebuilt a double glazed unit last year with perspex instead of glass (outbuilding so it wasnt critical) and not only did it work well but it was much warmer! Now my question is can i take a normal double glazed unit and bond a sheet of...
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    car port conversion

    Hi woody, il give the council a call tomorrow and find out would it not be planning free as its an extension under 3m high and wooden? (not questioning your advice just wondering :) )
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    car port conversion

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right subject area so feel free to move it if not :oops: I currently live in a 3 story town house with a carport on the ground floor underneath the living room. I would like to convert the carport into a small workshop for my lathe and mill and ive run across a...
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    Frame insulation

    Evening all, looking for a bit of advice on an up and coming project. Our house is a town house with a with a car port under the living room. The front panel of the house on the ground floor is single skin wooden and doesnt do a great deal of good keeping the heat in. The plan is to vapour...
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    retaining wall

    Buy a boat :) On a serious note my grandparents had similar issues, in the end they used a company that deals more with tidal erosion who used simple sledge hammer tactics! I dont know the proper name for it but they diverted the water around the area dug a big trench and through looooooads...