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    Power Shower is only luke warm

    I have recently installed a power shower in my house and I am having some difficulties with it. When the temperature control is set a maximum (i.e. hot) the water is only luke warm, any lower than this and it's cold. :( I personally beleive I have installed the system correctly and the flow...
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    Empty radiator.... eh?

    Hi, Thanks for all the advise. It turned out to be the ballcock was stuck up in the water tank and the tank was dry. Although I have water running through my system, the problem now seems to be the water pump which is making a very loud noise when pumping and getting extremely hot.
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    Empty radiator.... eh?

    I have just moved in to my new house and have removed two of the radiators in the house to paint behind them. I followed the correct removal instructions ensuring the manual and lockshield valves were closed and drained the water from the radiators. I have now put the radiators back on the...