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    British Gas pt plus wireless thermostat

    Does anyone know what frequency the pt plus british gas thermostat works at? I have a couple of drayton receivers and wondered if they were compatible? The draytons work at 433 and 418 Mhz.
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    Sound insulation between floor

    I am converting a basement into living space. The ceiling between basement and existing living room is pre cast concrtete bison slabs. I am cross battening the ceiling with 40mm x 19mm timbers. Before I put on the cross battens is there anything I can do to help reduce noise from above. The...
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    Stud wall meets new floor detail

    The stud walls are already in. But I could look at floating 2 floors to save drilling the existing floor and risk puncturing the DPM. I'm laying 70mm Kingspan Thermafloor with T&G chipboard on top. How would I lay these as a floating floor? I've already layed 2x3 around the edges which I can...
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    Stud wall meets new floor detail

    Thanks for the reply. I've already got the studs in place. Q1 My main concern is having enough fixings for the bottom of the plasterboard. Studs are 400mm centres. 12.5mm Plasterboard will be flying above sole plate. Will these fixings be sufficient OR should I fix noggins? Q2 I'll leave...
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    Stud wall meets new floor detail

    I'm converting a basement into living space. I have built first couple of stud partitions from 3x2 timber on to existing concrete floor which has DPM beneath. Q1. What is the detailing where the studwork meets a new floor constructed of 3x2 timber on edge, secured to the concrete floor? Q2...