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    kitchen doors screw holes too big!

    another idea ! glue some woden dowels inplace and then pilot and refix screws..
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    osmo coloured wood wax finish - problem

    maybe the floor has an original coating and thde wax isnt penetrating the timber have you tryed it on a bear peice of timber ?
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    Short front door

    maybe he could rebate a channel in it and put a draught seal in may -have a gap as to the floor not being level when it opens..if this isnt the reason get him to replace it as allready said by others.
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    kitchen units

    Hi Guys heres what i wanna do, new worktop,fridge washing machine tumbler (existing)need to conceal them behind new doors do i need to make the worktop wider to be able to put cabinet doors on or is there another way ? without buying all new ?
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    desktop icons and toolbar

    tryed ---cant nothing happens when i right click on the desktop,
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    desktop icons and toolbar

    tryed it still no joy ,any more ideas????
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    desktop icons and toolbar

    cheers spark ill try it tomozz
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    desktop icons and toolbar

    do i type in the%aswell. wallpaper change me thinks cause of prob ??? will tyry tomozz chers guys )
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    desktop icons and toolbar

    cant get my desktop icons and toolbar back, windows xp ctrl.alt.del explorer .exe /no joy no right click so cant change settings on desktopbackground .. cant do anything in safe mode??????? help most welcome.cheers in advance
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    swapping files and info from laptop to laptop

    Hi guys Just wondering the easyest way to transfer files from 1 lap top to another,,,,1running xp and second running vista any help appreciated... :lol: :lol:
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    Cupboard door out of sheet...

    the same as brezzer but use a router--fix four battens (square required)allow for the size of the tooling plus the base of the router, gentle plunge to deph and away you go .....sounds easy eh
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    ie quest

    running xp, ie 6. wireless connection multiple user.logon on 1 account internet fine...swich user , every thing saying connected but no webpage to veiw....thanks in advance
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    plaster & rendering

    Is there a full stop at the end of that sentence or are you going to continue your sentence.
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    plaster & rendering

    small dark patches of plaster blown away from render ,render does not feel damp any ideas welcome, possible causes and cures thanx....
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    no life in the old girl

    sorted :lol: found an old processor in amonst the pile of bitts(athlon ) swaped it over all working fine thanks ian for yu help....
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    wifi router

    cheers fella
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    wifi router

    how can i check if somebody is using my network@ home belkin router xp :idea:
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    Crown White Matt Emulson as Mist Coat

    hi, i myself would thin to about 40% and put a coat on ,there is no hard and fast rule about thinning mist coat as long as its not neat. :roll:
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    best backup sofware

    im set up as a workgroup all pc,s r running xp pro ,any changes or other sugestions appreciated.
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    CAD software

    is it realy that price maybe thats why those architecs earn so much money :shock: