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    Windows to solve condensation problem?

    This might help
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    What is this and why is it there?

    Looks like it was put there to support the lead flashing.
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    Front door locking mechanism / handle change?

    I think this is what your after The door will only close on the latch from the outside and wont be fully locked as there is no way of lifting the handle to engage the...
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    New acoustic double glazed windows

    Ecopane/low e should be on the inside, does not make a difference regarding Lami inside or out when it comes to sound proofing....was triple glazed an option?
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    Advice on removal of front door ?

    It's a door-stop composite door sold through Yale, we have sold hundred's of these door's so i would recommend removing the screws from the frame side as that part of the hinge is one piece, the half that is attached to the door sash is multiple parts and is also set up for your door to work...
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    Roller cam catching

    Fairy liquid or even better silicone spray on the gasket will make beading a lot better.
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    New build, water in corners of bay windows

    Last i heard ALL new builds require trickle vents under building regs.....?
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    Too Many uPVC Door Keys

    Very possible indeed, get in touch with king solutions 029 2077 9212 and explain what you want.
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    Window trim

    Get the company owner around with a fitter/s and demand they remove the trim on the leaking windows for an external inspection and see what shows up. Is the company a member of any double glazing ombudsman?
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    Unlock a door without the key!

    Snap the barrel, you might have to break the handle off but it wont cost you a penny.
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    Multipoint lock jams when I lift handle

    There should be adjustment available on the hinges as a last resort or just google how to re-pack a pvc door it's all on there.
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    UPVC foil colours any good?

    Try a LINIAR installer, they do a cream profile that is not foiled or sprayed.
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    Quality Double Glazing the cheap way ! Any advice please

    Try these The problem with resi 9 windows is any pvc fabricator if they want to can fabricate it so quality is going to be varying, we have fitted a few jobs and it does look good but with Evolution windows they are the only fabricator...
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    Compatible lock?

    This is what your looking for But it need's to be used with a multi point lock which most pvc door's come with now a days.
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    Tilt and turn window unit leaking...

    First thing you need to do is fill those extra drainage holes you added ASAP, they are in the WRONG channels!!! All they are doing is filling up the frame with water and quite possibly running down your cavity and can cause much bigger problems.
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    Which Lock Cylinder?

    Well no one here can give you more any more information than the makers of the products if you have research them, the last i was informed Avocet were in administration so no registration for the key's unless that situation has changed. A problem i see with these all singing all dancing...
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    door lock

    Try King Solutions in Wales 029 2077 9212 very knowledgeable and helpful.
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    Any composite door experts?

    Start with a 6ft level down the sash and frame on the locking side to make sure nothing is bowed, if the fame is get the company the re-align it and if the sash is, demand a new sash.
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    1st UPVC window fit any tips..?

    Rub some fairy liquid etc onto the gasket and the area of the bead which clips into the frame because it's all dry the friction causes the bead to be a lot harder to put in so you should be able to use your hand to thumb it in place, it's worked for me in the past.
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    Advice on leaky door

    Start with removing that flat pvc trim at the bottom of the door, you need the ribs ( see the side and the top of frame) to help retain the water from flowing back into the house. Once that is done pour some water around the drainage holes and see if its coming out the front at the bottom as i...