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    Advice for slate hearth stain

    Hi I’m looking for advice. I’ve installed a slate hearth and stained it with some easy filler before I got chance to seal it. Do you know any methods to remove the stains or make them less noticeable? Cheers Max
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    plasterboard window reveal cavity

    Hi I need to plasterboard a bay window reveal where the cavity is. Would it be best to plasterboard over the existing wooden lathes or replace these with cavity closers and dot and dab onto that? Or is there another way to keep the plasterboard off the external brick wall which may be better...
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    Opening up a fireplace/chimney capping

    Hi I have just moved into a house and we are wanting to open up the fireplace in the back room. We will not be putting a fire in but just keeping it as a recessed opening. Will the recessed opening need to have some form of ventilation and what would be the best way of achieving this? Could the...
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    Raised patio and steps

    Thanks this is really useful. Just a follow up question would it be okay to lay the paving on top of the existing concrete? Or would it be best to remove the top layer of concrete, level with type 1 MOT and then lay the paving.
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    Raised patio and steps

    It looks like the DPC is directly below the air vent. The new door will be going in the middle of the bay window (left of the picture).
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    Raised patio and steps

    Does anyone have any ideas, particularly regarding question 1. Thanks
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    Raised patio and steps

    Hi I am planning on making a raised patio with steps up to the back living room (external door due to be fitted) in my garden. I have a few question I hope you can help with: 1) How could I create these 3/4 steps down to the patio from the back living room without breaching the damp proof...