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    Need to pull stairs together

    I'd follow the previous post but rather than use acro's which are primarily for holding things in place, I'd use a trolley jack or bottle jack to do the pushing (using wooden packers between the jack and the wall to reduce the distance the jack needs to move and if the string refuses to budge...
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    Loft room

    I'm not looking to suspend the floor from the purlins - the floor would be suspended from the 2 big beams that the ceiling joists are attached to. I was just thinking that tieing these beams to the purlins would give them some extra support and prevent them from sagging at all and possibly...
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    Loft room

    Hi everybody, I'm, looking to convert my loft into a usable room and was hoping that somebody could help with a question.............. House was constructed in 1890 (terrace) so has a very large loft space free from roof trusses and all the annoying limitations of newer houses. Roof...