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    extractor damp problems

    we have just had a new extractor fan fitted in our bathroom, and the ceiling re-plastered. Whenever the temperature changes we get a damp patch all around the fan, we assume from condensation running down the pipe in the attic. The pipe goes vertically up to a ridge vent tile, so the water runs...
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    orange rubber paint????

    Hi, I am decorating my bathroom and have taken off old wallpaper, to find an orange rubber-type paint which can be peeled off and some has blistered when steaming off the paper, is this a waterproofing thing? I am having to take it all off as i want to paint the walls and the orange paint is...
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    convert utility room to kitchen

    Hi, You would need building regs as you're changing a non-habitable area into a habitable one. You would need to achieve the current regulations for Part L: Conservation of fuel and power. The government are keen on us all keeping in as much heat as possible, so we have to make sure the...