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  1. J

    Broadband tax

    Providing the whole amount of tax collected goes to improving the broadband infrastructure, then I'm happy to help pay for it. But knowing the government, some of the money will get used elsewhere for something innapropriate.
  2. J

    Resisting the hard sell - not so difficult!

    I just wonder how much commision they must get? Because if I was recruited to sell a hoover at two and a half grand, the commision would have to be huge to get me to hoover other peoples houses, they must get a LOT of 'HOW MUCH?' then told to bugger off.
  3. J

    Sourcing 18mm thick Oak effect Melamine Faced Chipboard

    Did you ever find your mdf? You could try, they manufacture all kinds of laminates.
  4. J

    self employed business insurance

    I went to a local indipendant insurance broker, got my insurance for £98 a year. exactly the same price as last year. They did the shopping around for me.