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    Flashing / Halo on white ceiling.

    painted it all again but still get slight mark halo effect. Not sure why might maybe it is just a shadow above a window. Can hardly see it so will stay as it is.
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    Flashing / Halo on white ceiling.

    Painted the ceiling with white Johnston coverplus and I have section which has Flashing / Halo effect. I used an emulsion brush on the edge and must have dried before I got to it with the roller ? Can I roller over it now with a small roller or do I need to do the whole ceiling again? It...
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    Howdens Greenwich gloss cream...

    What sort of discount are you getting on the cabinets ? 65% on my quote but don't use Howdens that often.
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    painting boxed in steel beams. same colour as

    In our kitchen dinner we have steel beam right across where the extension is. What colour should the boxed in beams be. Same as ceilings or walls? We have two nibs which the beams rest on.
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    loft boarding help

    Wanting to board out new extension loft for storage. It currently has 170mm high timbers and plan to put 100mm timbers at right angles in order to put back the 100mm loft insulation and then board over the top with 12mm thick plywood or would I need 18mm thick ? How should I secure the...
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    Stud wall header plate...

    Yes bloddy spell checker on phone
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    Stud wall header plate...

    Got a stud wall to build against a single block internal wall. The ceiling is valued and already plastered and floorboards in. I won't have anything above the header plate to fix into where I need the stud wall to go. Will noggins ? at the top attached to the block wall be sufficient...
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    wall out by 5mm - Bal Rapidset on wall before tile ?

    Dot & dab plaster board wall without skim. The top 0.75 meter is out by about 5mm. Can I put a coat of tile adhesive on to level the wall out then let it dry and then tile it as normal ? Something like Bal Rapidset Grey 5KG...
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    Bare wood door architrave

    Door architrave with a mitred joint which needs painting, does it need a filler across the joint if I can not see a gap at present ? In other places there is a hairline gap can I use use caulk to fill it ? thanks for help.
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    plaster crack around ceiling roof light windows.

    Have two roof windows in a vaulted ceiling and a crack has appeared all around the windows in the plaster a week after it dried out. The builder used osb around the window sides and then plaster board. Annoyed he did not use plywood :evil: Is there anything I can do to try and sort...
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    Caulk around window?

    There is no gap, maybe just hairline but would think a hairline crack will develop at some point as plaster don't stick to windows.
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    Caulk around window?

    New extension with UPVC windows. Should I caulk around windows then paint or paint and then Silicone or something else ?
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    johnstone paint any good ?

    Found local jonstones paint outlet and get sorted. You can get jonstone paint at places like The range. That paint is made for that market I and not a patch on the trade stuff so I am told.
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    johnstone paint any good ?

    Read a few comments that dulux paint not that good anymore. What about Johnstone paint or crown. Got about 200 sq meters to paint!
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    tank or remove new plasterboard.

    New bathroom which has just been dot & dab 12.5mm plaster board. Had asked for the shower area to be tile baker board but plaster team weren't told by the builder so have now fully been boarded out. I have marked up on the wall and told them not to skim the shower cubicle area now. Do...
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    Tile Backing Board / dot and dab...

    Shower cubicle .... Can you dot and dab tile Backing Board ? Does it need any additional fixing and if so how ? The rest of the wall past the shower cubicle will be plastered board and skim.
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    LED Downlighting with Dimmers

    Used these below and cannot fault them..... Yes they cost but last a long time and massive saving in elect cost. Doubt you find a good mr16 12v Dimmable one though.
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    Building control missed things...

    If Building control checking something incorrectly who is to blame and take responsibility ? BC or builder ? E.g Ground Floor insulation should be 200mm thick when using loft roll but only 100mm has been laid down.
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    Securing Floor joist to steel box lintel

    We had to make an a small opening between a sleeper wall for access to a sump pump we needed fitting in the subfloor. A box lintel has been placed across the sleeper wall. How do you recommend a few of the floor joists are secured to the box lintel which is placed at the end of the joist ?
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    telescopic air brick vents

    When the insulation goes in between joists risk of air flow being blocked. could the insulation just be left away from the air brick or does it still need to have a telescopic vent attached somehow.