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  1. Lalass

    Damp caused by neighbours gutters

    We think our neighbour removed his drain pipe and connected his guttering to ours. We only realised this when an internal wall started to show signs of damp. On looking at the guttering it appears my neighbour has redirected his rain water into our gutter, with a bit of piping, which now...
  2. Lalass

    Chimney problems not a shared stack (party wall act?)

    He's got a gas fire which isn't lined. When a smoke bomb was placed in the stack. The smoke came out into our attic room. So we believe that has to be lined for safety reasons. But it has been suggested that the top of neighbours chimney be removed to see if there are any other stacks that have...
  3. Lalass

    Chimney problems not a shared stack (party wall act?)

    My neighbours chimney stack backs onto our living room wall. It is not a shared stack. Our chimney is on the opposite wall. The problem is on the wall that backs onto the neighbours stack, there is brown sticky stuff running from the ceiling and down the wall. A chimney specialist said it's from...