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    Narrow Boats SKY TV

    reading this thread has been an education! :wink: :wink: :D
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    Is this racist?.or just a statement of fact?

    My wife embarasseed herself the other day... called the bank about something and was having the usual communication difficulties. She was put on hold and says to me 'I hate speaking to these buggers in Bangalor'. the girl came back on the line and rightly corrects the missus in her indian...
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    very annoying ceiling stain

    went down to B & Q for some of the oil based undercoat but the guy redirecetd me to some stuff called 'stain stop'. bought it after reading the tin where it says it is pretty much guaranteed to get rid of such pain in the a*%e stains and although quite expensive and like treacle to put on i...
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    very annoying ceiling stain

    cheers guys, I think i'll have a go with the oil based undercoat. sounds feasible and not too pricey. I'll let you know how i get on Thanks! :)
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    very annoying ceiling stain

    loft is above bedroom mate, and I know for sure there are no new leaks. Seems to me old water staining 'deposits' are seeping through the paint somehow. would it be worth appling a thicker mix of pva to the affected areas or would this make a mess of the job (90% of ceiling is fine)...
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    very annoying ceiling stain

    Hi Guys, hope you can help. I'm at my wits end with my bedroom ceiling. :( removed paper, filled cracks and sealed with some diluted pva then emulsioned it but old water staining keeps showing through the paint. gone over it a few times and it is fading but still very visible. anyone...
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    Polishing Slate Hearth

    Hi Guys, I've fitted a cast iron fireplace sitting on a slate hearth. Looks great but I can't get a great finish to the hearth. the best I can get is with ordinary furniture polish but a few little marks remain. Does anyone have any tips on getting a better finish on a slate hearth?? With...
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    crack mystery

    I've had a look outside at the back wall. there aren't any cracks as such but there appear to be gaps around the pointing in places as if the gaps between the bricks are larger than when the pointing was first put in. If settlement is the cause, then hopefully things shouldn't get any worse...
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    crack mystery

    I moved into a 1930s semi 3 years ago and have been working my way around renovating the place. Things are going well but I am noticing enlarging cracks in the bathroom ceiling where it meets the outer walls, and some hairline cracks in some of my replastered walls in other upstairs rooms...