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    Hyundai Lantra 1.6i 1995 Auto. (charging)

    does everything work, lights, heated rear windows ect, sounds like you have something drianing the batetry, are the wires on the alternator ok, and the wires to the batetry not rubbed thru?
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    2003 Renault Kangoo

    clutch should take no more than 2 hrs max, but thats providing they have the aprts and they can fiut you in right away, an no more than an hr for an altrnator id say.
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    battery keeps going dead

    needs a new alternator
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    Renault megane starting problem

    how did u get on?
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    ECU faults

    already told him this davie in the previous post, he ignored me
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    Discovery V8i (3.9 EFi) - Overfuelling

    check all the little tiny rubber pipes that are on the top of the engine, i bet it s the vac sensor for the top of the engine, if the pipe is split or not connected or the vac sensor is dodgy it will overfuel and run lumpy
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    Some questions about my clio

    to have tracking done properly it should take about an hr, 50 is about the hourly rate, libby you may not have needed anythng doing hence it was just a check and no correction, ians is obviously out
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    Clear gloss / White gloss

    hi yeah whats the diff between carpet and wood, i really confussed ;)
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    How can i clean my white kitchen cupboard from yellow stain

    think u shud have used that solution in the 1st place, the fact it contains bleach will not change the colur back to white. the fact is the white colour has now been tainted yellow by chemical reaction (with the bleach)
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    how long until painting skimmed walls

    dnt forget to use unibond either, otherwise you will have to put about 100 coats on as the new plaster absorbs the paint
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    Oven cleaning.

    think he means somehting more along the lines of it wnt damage the element john. Plus if my self cleaning elec oven is anything to go by it takes forever for the gunk to burn off the element, resulting in a smokey kitchen lol
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    megane electrics

    yep, would have to agree, sounds like the alternator, check the neg lead on it also, renults are notorious for this fault
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    Renault megane starting problem

    i would bet my life its your top dead sensor, its located at the top of the bellhousing (where the gearbox bolts to the side if the engine) think its on the right hand side as you look at it, its held in with x2 10mm bolts, a semicircle piece of metal with a thing about 30mm coming down off it...
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    braking or gearing down causes engine cut-out?

    you have to remove the plenium (top of the engine) the airfilter housing from the side and the manifold from the front of engine, as the throttle bod is inside this.should take bout 2hrs to strip, 10mins to clean an 2hrs to reassemble
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    Some questions about my clio

    tis a mark 2, the new ones are a 3. as for the clock, ahve u tried scrolling thru the computer options, there is a button at the end of one of the stalks on the steering column you could remove the steering wheel and put it back central, but the real problem is the tracking is out, take it...
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    Oven cleaning.

    just use mr muscle oven cleaner. wipe as much foam from the element as poss with clean water, and then after the over dries for a while, an hour or so, turn it on with no food in it to get rid of any chemicals left on the element
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    ford ka h t leads

    i doubt ht leads would have been checked, could have been damaged during the service if spark plugs were changed have you spoke to the whoever serviced your car?
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    Jaguar s-type central locking fault

    could try an ecu reset, might do no gud, but ya never know, disconnect ur battery for 30mins, then reconnect.
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    bonnet cable snapped !!!

    to get the car started you can get them chargers that work through the ciggy lighter, you will need a mate to park near ur car, put one end of the thing in his ciggy lighter and the other in your (flat) car and leave for 30mins or so then try to start the car (im not sure if they are meant to be...
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    Rear Windscreen Washer Tube/Hose Dissapeared Inside - Corsa

    so the hose is now lost inside the main body of the car - not between the car body and the tailgate? i take it the water jet is at the top of the window? if it has disapeared into the car, it will be under the headlinning id imagine, you might have to pull this down enough for you to get a...