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    Decking advice

    You have 3 joists that don't have any post supports just noggins on. Personally I would drop a couple of post supports on these to minimise any slight bounce you get on the decking as there over a 3m span. Up to you if you concrete ones in or rest on a slab . As for the steps depending on your...
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    Top up boiler pressure?

    Both valves? I only have on iso valve the other is a one way check valve
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    Insulating kitchen ceiling

    You could notch the joists and put small timber baton's across. You can get straps that go on the inside of each joist to hold it in place . If you have enough height it might be worth putting sound breaker bars in depending on what noise your trying to reduce
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    Samsung T4 tablet.

    Yes if it's android . You can go into settings and security and remove the password by setting security back to none. If you have a windows version the same is also possible.
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    Top up boiler pressure?

    Had a quick look and the prv release pipe is dry, took me a sec to find it though as it wasn't at the back of the boiler but was at floor level on the left of boiler outside. So I think this is the faulty valve, what's the screw for? Guess it's a case of fully draining system changing valve...
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    Top up boiler pressure?

    Sadly tapping didn't work. I tapped a few times then opened iso valve hear a rush of water then after a few seconds just went quiet and pressure never went up. So either it's the check valve or I guess I could have a faulty pressure gauge?
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    Rafter support

    Thanks , yeah I'm going to get someone to take a look at it but myself and brother hopefully can do the work as my mother has little to no funds available. Going to get a friend to remove chimney stack and tile section of roof. Then we will remove the remaining inside chimney stack leaving the...
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    Rafter support

    Thanks for replies, yes I plan to remove the whole of the chimney if possible to solve that problem but just leave diagonal bricks in place that come out of the external brick wall (behold the ones you can see) in regards to the purlin's resting on what I would class as a brick pier to the left...
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    Rafter support

    His guys just been to look at my mums loft and noticed a few concerns. So it's an end terraced house with a single external skin wall in the loft. The two rafters (or are they pearlings)run through a wall to next doors house. Then supported in the middle with a long joist then at the other end...
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    Top up boiler pressure?

    Thanks for reply. Will try the tapping method in the morning. I guess I can just unscrew from check valve to check the iso valve is working...over a bucket of course. Yeah not exactly the most sound of installs is it. Thin will end up boxing this mess in till we can afford a new one
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    Top up boiler pressure?

    Hi guys, wondering if you could help. Our boiler pressure is at about 0.5/0.4 and is in need off topping up. Problem is I can't figure out how to top it up. Now about 3 years ago when we moved in the system was fully drained and I refilled then but for the life of me now I can't remember how I...
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    Shiplap Shed, to battern or not?

    osb3 will be fine to go direct as its not osb2 but ext grade battons will be better for your circulation
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    Decking on slight incline?

    you could use pier deck supports if you dont want to dig , these can come in handy as you just slot post in and secure batton
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    Slot Fence

    either thicker screening , or reboard over each of the gaps or board the whole lot in featheredge for a long term fix.
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    Attaching featheredge boards infront of existing posts?

    there should be holes in the slotted posts so you can affix a timber baton either side and bolt through then fix you rails 2 this is your best option for a seamless look (on your side) those posts will be really hard to drill so id avoid that. other option is to drop posts inbetween the others...