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  1. Celeronmanuk

    Ducting in CLS 63mm studword

    I've got a siemens heat pump dryer in a room it's impossible to vent out of but does have a drain. It's plumbed in and doesn't create any moisture what so ever than I can see. I have a humidity meter close by, so I'm sure I'd know.
  2. Celeronmanuk

    Dewalt router. What am I missing?

    Had the same issue initially with my dewalt 1/4 router. Took a few minutes to realise there was another collet supplied in the pack that fitted the 1/4 bits. Just need to swap the collet. Are you sure there wasn't another collet supplied in the accessories?
  3. Celeronmanuk

    Large bifold door stop

    Have you checked They can probably make anything you want.,
  4. Celeronmanuk

    PIR insulation board cutter

    I used the bacho insulation saw and made a table up with timber guide top and bottom to stop wandering and get square cuts. This was with 100mm PIR, so really on the limit of the saw. I also used gapotape which was brilliant.
  5. Celeronmanuk


    I found it easier to do a really nice job with the gapotape, it's much more forgiving. I wanted to get the best insulation install that I could within reason (my home office), so went PIR and gapotape. I've never been convinced the hybrid foil layer type can be anywhere near as good in performance.
  6. Celeronmanuk


    I've done a vaulted ceiling with it in my own house. I really liked it and the cost wasn't hugely significant in the overall scheme of things. The foil tape it comes with is much stronger than the normal roll of foil tape you buy as it's got a reinforced paper layer. The method you propose...
  7. Celeronmanuk

    Quartz worktop support

    Granite support rail?
  8. Celeronmanuk

    plumbers mate vs silicone basin waste install

    Would you ever be able to replace the waste using an adhesive?
  9. Celeronmanuk

    plumbers mate vs silicone basin waste install

    Basin mate every time! Just need to check that the waste has enough thread to accommodate.
  10. Celeronmanuk

    Strimmer and Hedge Trimmer: Petrol or Battery?

    Ha, well it's from Xenon 2 so might be in speedball, can't remember!
  11. Celeronmanuk

    Strimmer and Hedge Trimmer: Petrol or Battery?

    I don't use petrol garden tools enough to warrant the maintenance. So I've recently gone for the dewalt hedge timmer and dewalt strimmer as I've got other dewalt power tools. More than happy with both and so much more convenient and pleasant to use.
  12. Celeronmanuk

    To Replace the Roof or Not!?

    Looks like it's got a good amount of life left in it to me. Personally I wouldn't touch it.
  13. Celeronmanuk

    Which face of Aquapanel Interior boards faces out (takes the tiles) ?

    Not really my area of knowledge, but I really wouldn't have thought so, it's just a cement board.
  14. Celeronmanuk

    Which face of Aquapanel Interior boards faces out (takes the tiles) ?

    You tile on the smooth side.
  15. Celeronmanuk

    Vinyl Emulsion not sticking to new Plastered Ceiling

    Sounds like it might be PVA splashes?
  16. Celeronmanuk

    cement cost

    Personally I'd mix that small amount myself. Save risking being under or over. Minimum order maybe 1m3, you'd need to check.
  17. Celeronmanuk

    cement cost

    0.5m3 isn't a lot, not worth readymix. Hire a cement mixer?
  18. Celeronmanuk

    Gravel drive and path, cheapest easiest way to keep gravel contained

    Sounds like an awful idea, it'll just break up. As said, I'd be looking at a grid system if you want to walk or drive on it.
  19. Celeronmanuk

    Patio Channel Drainage Query

    Not that really shows the fall. The channel drain is just in front of the steps. Flows into a silt trap (under the sofa) and then to a 2m3 crate soak away under the lawn.