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    32mm Bath trap

    I need to replace my bath trap, the bath is cast iron and the waste doesn't use the standard 40mm connector. The plug thread seems to be 32mm, but I can't find 32mm shallow bath traps?
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    Feeding wire to spur socket

    I know it's not ideal, however the cable has been there years to my knowledge, even when the radiator was used and I don't think any harm has come to it. It's out the question unfortunately, as the desk is large and would need dismantling plus it's screwed to the wall. After much fiddling I...
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    Feeding wire to spur socket

    The wall is brick. I should probably say it's a surface mounted cable that is fixed to the wall behind the rad
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    Feeding wire to spur socket

    I'm trying to install a socket under my desk ,the desk has an old rad at the back which is no longer used and built in shelving on top of the desk. On top of that is the double socket I want to spur off of. The top socket is fed through the gap behind the old rad, I have made a new hole in the...