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    Planning Permission for Roof Lantern

    Hello I have an outbuilding (3m high to highest point) and wish to put a 2 by 2m flat roof light in (or roof lantern). I think it would go about 300mm above the existing flat roof. Can I do this under permitted development or do I need to put a planning application in? Thanks
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    Lintel into existing wall

    sorry, here are the plans and photos
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    Lintel into existing wall

    Hello I want to put a lintel above the door, and slide it into the existing wall at a right angle. then pack round the lintel Is this acceptable BC have already approved the plans Thanks
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    Roof Lantern Structure

    Hello I am looking to have a flat roof extension. I wanted to install a roof lantern. I have been told that I can just double up or triple up the joists around the roof lantern. I was looking at two potential roof lantern sizes. Option 1 – 2000mm by 27000mm Option 2 – 1200mm by 2700mm The...
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    Retaining Wall

    Hello (Please see attached) I am looking to build a single storey rear extension. My property is on a slope. (sloping from one side (left) down to the other (right)). I was looking to construct using a timber suspended floor like the original property. My question relates to the retaining...
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    Foul Drainage

    Thankyou both so much for your input. 1. see attached drawing. I have seen the following drawing done by an architect whereby they connect the kitchen sink and WC sink directly to a public sewer with no inspection chamber over those junctions. Is this ok to do? It sort of makes sense to me, as...
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    Foul Drainage

    Hello I have an issue that I am unsure how to solve. I am looking to get a single storey extension added onto my property. Please see attached floor plans, existing and proposed. The extension would be over a public sewer (blue), therefore I need a build over agreement. I have...
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    mechanical ventilation

    A question about mechanical ventilation if I may. As I understood it any new kitchen, bathroom (bath/shower room) toilet (WC) or utility with no openable window should be provided with a mechanical extract fan to reduce condensation and remove smells. if you do have an openable window, don't...
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    Stud Walls

    Haha, thanks noseall,
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    Stud Walls

    Thanks oldbutnotdead really helpful, have uploaded picture as JPEG as well. Many thanks
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    Roof ventilation/ breathable membrane

    Thanks, you guys a bril!
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    Stud Walls

    Hello I am having an extension built and am having a stud wall placed in part of it to segregate a room. I have a few questions if I may. (see attached drawings) 1. The architect has specified 75mm by 50mm stud wall with 75mm rockwool sound insulation. One of the rooms is to be a...
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    Roof ventilation/ breathable membrane

    oh, just another quick question as you guys have been so helpful. As per drawings (see above), my builder said that I need a new cavity tray in the main wall of the house (the wall being opened up). It needs to be above where the roof of the extension attached to the wall of the main house. To...
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    Roof ventilation/ breathable membrane

    Hello, my architect has designed the following extension for me. They have specified a cold pitched roof (with insulation between and below rafters). They have also specified a breathable sarking felt (my architect has said Nilvent is good to use). The architect has also specified that...
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    TRADA Span Tables

    Hello I am looking for the TRADA SPAN Tables to work out required joist depths, I know they use to be in the old building regulation, Part A for free, but I think I am required to purchase it from TRADA, for 34 pounds now. Has anyone got a link to the span tables free. If not I will just...
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    Flat Roofs

    Types of Flat Roof Construction Hello, I’m thinking of having an extension and wanted to know the construction details of flat roofs for my own knowledge as much as anything. I’ve scoured the Internet for as many examples of flat roof construction details as I possibly could and have found...
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    Structural Engineer

    Hello I have a wall between my dinning room and kitchen that I want to remove. I am not sure if it is load bearing. I have used a stud finder on the ceiling and it looks like the joists run parallel to the wall I want to remove, but the stud finder is a bit varied with results.I have also...
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    Window/ Install

    Hello, I am looking to potentially install some windows, I want to understand how windows are installed just for my general understanding as much as anything. I have attached two technical drawings that I found on the Internet, could someone tell me if both are okay in the way they are...