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    Adding Tapatalk plugin to site

    It is on there but hidden, it looks like its in test mode only and most if it doesn't work for some reason. Not sure why as no other forum that I'm joined to has a problem with it. Moderators probably don't have enough time to set it up as they seem to spend every waking hour on deleting...
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    Unable to watch tv channels through my Sony DVD recorder.

    As you now mention a sky box, do you have an aerial connection at all? i.e. On your TV can you watch BBC one with the sky box on standby?
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    Anyone for a change of subject matter?

    Actually, I believe that should be the other way around. By the time evolution had developed anything we would class as a chicken the egg would already been around. After all, birds evolved from dinosaurs and dinosaurs laid eggs.:-)
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    Wood preservative woes

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    Trimming Tomato plant leaves

    there wouldn't be a problem removing some of the leaves, different people have different views on what works best. One option is to split each leaf along the centre and just remove half of it, another option is to remove all the leaves below the lowest growing fruit to allow the water to travel...
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    Unable to watch tv channels through my Sony DVD recorder.

    More than likely you just have the aerial leads connected incorrectly. Make sure that the coax leads are: AERIAL ---> DVD INPUT DVD OUTPUT ---> TV INPUT This might seem obvious but you'd be surprised how many times this happens. If you are getting TV...
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    Drill bit for porcelain tile

    A tile drill bit is obviously your best bet, a decent masonry bit would also do the job. If you have to buy a bit I would recommend one of the multi bits by bosch (they are blue and silver coloured) I use them all the time and they work perfectly on tiles. Whatever you use, keep the drill on a...
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    BBC Channels query

    Hi, it sounds like you've managed to tune the channels in ok but not stored them in memory. More than likely there will be a certain button to press before exiting any menu or changing channel, it's not going to be easy to tell you what to press as they all work differently. You did have the...
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    Adding Tapatalk plugin to site

    This would be fantastic, I use tapatalk on android. Forum runner is a better app to use mind, but I don't know if thats android only.
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    Integrated Dishwaher & Fridge Advice (Photos)

    Hi, You've done it correctly by the look of it. The machines don't need a space between them and the worktop, in-fact some of them will have a fixing that allows them to be screwed to the underside so that they are flush. Also when the door goes on the dishwasher, it will line up...
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    Shower Pump - Paint Blockage?

    No problem, let us know if it works.
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    Shower Pump - Paint Blockage?

    Dont try this for too long though as the pump is running dry, although there should be a power switch for you to turn the pump off while you do it but the lower pressure wont be as effective
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    Shower Pump - Paint Blockage?

    As you say you have a pump I will assume you have seperate hot and cold feeds to your shower, if thats the case there might be a trick that could get the air lock out. Hold a flanel or towel tight over the the shower head (the idea is to stop the water or air getting out of the shower head)...
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    Shower Pump - Paint Blockage?

    Hi, Thats not possible, the waste from your shower, bath, sink and toilet are all completely separate to the shower pump. If the paint was going to cause any problem you would notice the bath water draining away slower, thats all. The pump could be a number of problems, difficult to tell...