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    Can I sand this down for painting?

    Give it a sand and see, looks like lots of loose bits that will easily come off. I recently used lining paper and regret it. Wish I'd paid extra for a skim. Reason being seems are noticeable and in some places lifting after painting :(
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    Which paint brand should I use?

    If you're going to finish off with a thicker vinyl washable paint, I'd go with a cheaper but still good option of Leyland Trade. Lots of the wipeable paints now come in matt so no need to use eggshell. Dulux Easycare is very good, there is a good comparison here of paints you can wipe. Good...
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    Colour matching- satinwood and matt

    I would expect some difference due to the reflective finish of satinwood but nothing like in your picture. I expect it's clearly visible even just in the tin? I'd go back to Homebase and say your not happy with the picture and tins!
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    Garage conversion heating

    Thanks, will take a look at them. Are they expensive to run?
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    Garage conversion heating

    I'm not sure how to do heat loss calculations? The roof and walls will be insulated. The garage is 40-50 yards away from the house and gas meter. So probably looking for something that can be independent?
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    Garage conversion heating

    What is the best option for heating a garage being turned into an office? The garage is separate from the house so connecting to the boiler would be tricky.
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    Thrashing weeds... tools?

    You could put a long piece of line in the strimmer so it covers a bigger area? Just have to be careful. I recently purchased a MAC ALLISTER MGTP1000 really powerful for the money.
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    Low retaining wall quote - bit pricey?

    This, the only way you will know what is reasonable for your area to get at least 3 quotes. The more the better. Though don't go with the cheapest, go with who you think would do the best job.
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    Skim or board then skim?

    Some of the cracks look pretty big, do they extend to the outside? If the house is moving a lot over a year, I'd board otherwise you're going to get cracks again sooner or later.
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    Smart tv has no Google Play Store

    Likely this, most are Linux. There should still be a store where you can install extra apps though.
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    Is this a fake chimney?

    Yep this. Looks like this is supporting what's above it. Keeping using for shelves :)
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    World's most useless double socket

    Might be handy if you ever want to move the radiator :giggle:
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    What is a good pressure washer to clean patio slabs

    How does the circular thing work? Does the jet move brushes or something?
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    To save anyone else having to use Google.
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    Matt white emulsion all patchy

    I usually buy cheap paint and have no issues. Decided to buy Dulux Diamond for the hallway as likely to get marked so can wipe, it's really patchy when daylight hits certain walls, gutted. The paint is really thick, but don't understand why this is patchy and cheaper paint isn't it. I'm not...
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    What have you been doing today?

    Lining paper, never again! I think I'd rather be plastering...
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    What is a good pressure washer to clean patio slabs

    I have the kaercher k4, it's decent and you can see a big difference after cleaning slabs in my garden though I only do it once a year. Hard to know if it would remove the black stains or not. I imagine it would lighten them but not eliminate them completely.
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    Gap between shower tray and wall

    I'd personally just silicone it. If try is white and silicone is white you'll hardly notice.
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    Any visuals of what it's actually going to look like? It's surely not going to all the UK flag?
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    Concrete Floor Insulation Recommendation

    Why does it matter what brand it is? Surely if thickness and specs are similar does it matter?