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    concrete mixing using ballast

    Thanks I think I will go for 5:1 The flagstones outside my backdoor had already sunk in places, which is why I wanted to put in a solid base.
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    concrete mixing using ballast

    sat on clay - so I should be ok not needing a sub-base. Is 6:1 going to be strong enough? my confusing is around more ballast:cement is stronger or weaker?
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    Conservatory ceiling

    Depending on the glass, you may want to tint it first to help hide seeing foil from the outside. I have done mine & now have a useable room. Used soffit board instead of plasterboard though, just to keep costs down!
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    concrete mixing using ballast

    I am getting confused reading around the net about mix quantity. I am looking to mix some concrete to make a hard standing area for a Pizza oven & total weights would be approx 400kg. Area is 1m square. I had to dig down 30cm due to the amount of bedding under the paving slabs I removed. I have...
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    Dense concrete blocks as BBQ base

    Hi, I have some breeze blocks left over & was wondering if I could use them as base for a wood fired barbecue (think South American - not a pizza oven). Could I use these blocks as base? Maybe with a lintel at the top row opening & large pavers on top? Plan would then to use fire bricks for my...
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    another conservatory insulated roof project

    Hi, I have seen lots of threads, videos & posts all over the internet about a 'warm roof' for the conservatory. I was quoted well over £10k for a guardian roof, which is well out of my budget (4m x 3.5m) (would prefer to knock it down & build an extension if I had deep pockets). I have seen the...
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    Advice :- using loft for storage in timber frame house

    I would like to use the loft for storage for sentimental items & the annual things like decorations, suitcases, etc. - Nothing heavy (if a little bulky!) Span would be about 2.5m from rafter to rafter & the length about 4.5m. Joists look like 3 x 2 at about 600mm centres. I do not want to add...
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    Putting a door from converted garage into the house

    Thanks, I thought steel might be lighter for me handle on my own, but I can do it with concrete.
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    Putting a door from converted garage into the house

    Thanks It's not a cavity wall. Just a single thermal brick as it was the internal wall separating the garage from the house. Are there any advantages/disadvantages of a concrete lintel to a steel box lintel?
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    Putting a door from converted garage into the house

    Yes, lots of room - I have seen it done on another house we looked at before buying this one. My main concern is a lintel. Not sure I want to task myself with cutting bricks horizontal more than I would have to. Would a lintel like this be strong enough? It would be a one man (me!) job due to...
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    Putting a door from converted garage into the house

    Currently have a converted garage with a door at the back that leads into the Kitchen. We are looking to block up this door for a Kitchen renovation & move the door to the foot of the stairs. The ground floor wall is a single block wall with plasterboard either side & supports the joists for an...
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    Replacing small corrugated roof with a Warm Roof

    I have small lean to with a corrugated roof. Size is just under 4m x 2m While I can get my head around the actual roof part for a rubber roof, I am having trouble working out the joists, etc. As currently there is just a rotting wall plate. There are no joists whatsoever. How should I go around...
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    Want to Exterior Insulate under PVC Cladding

    Thanks for the replies - should be enough to work from. I was going to go with homeline upvc as they will deliver direct to me - but will take a look at the alternatives.
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    Want to Exterior Insulate under PVC Cladding

    Can you recommend something i should be looking at for insulation?
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    Want to Exterior Insulate under PVC Cladding

    I want to uPVC clad the rear of my property, as I like the look & my current wall is pebbledash render (which I hate the look of!). My plan is to batten with timber & fit the uPVC cladding. As it is a north facing room (Kitchen), it can be quite cold in the Winter - I am exploring the idea of...
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    would like wood burner, but Chimney stack has been removed

    as title Stack has been removed from top to bottom before I bought the house- so my 1900 built terrace has no chimney, is it possible (cost effective) to put a wood burner in using twinwall? I was thinking an insulated flue & maybe box the flue in with plasterboard in the bedroom above & a...
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    Plywood to plasterboard

    thanks, Ill take a look
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    Fitting Heavy Shelf to Plasterboard Wall - Advice Needed!

    what is the shelf made from? Is it solid wood? Could you bore holes into it & use floating shelf brackets? You could use hollow wall anchor bolts to attach the shelf brackets.
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    Plywood to plasterboard

    Morning, I would like to clad out under my stairs as it is quite dusty. Its not an open area, just a full size door at the end & its only used for storage - mop & bucket, ironing board, etc. The flooring is rough sand/cement & the walls have been plasterboarded (but no skim & the joints are...
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    How to connect four tellys to a satellite

    The best you can hope for with that setup is :- A single satellite cable into a Satellite Reciever, then using the COAX OUT feed that into a splitter that runs to the other TV's This means whatever channel is on the sat box, can be viewed on another TV.